The craziest RX78 group build project ever! Check it out!

I was looking for information about Evangelion 2.0 when I came across this picture! I had a blast reading this post by Joanna who is another fantastic female Hong Kong modeler.(tako chan you are not alone) And recently she and her group of friends have this very crazy group build using the RX78-2 G30th version….

Look at the number of shields!!! Endless possibilities…I love the 7up version lol!

Lol, the largest gathering of Rx78, this should be in the guiness world records or something.

You can check out the rest of the very interesting builds that they have at her post here 😀 So which ones do you guys like? I’ll be busy this weekend with some stuff…hopefully I’ll have time to head down to AFA. Nevertheless I still love posting weird and funny builds from my ‘eat snake sessions’ in the office lol 😀

Till the next post!

44 thoughts on “The craziest RX78 group build project ever! Check it out!

  1. the creativity and skills of these guys are just awesome! really amazing how they come up with these themes.
    great job on the evangelion color scheme… also, i found this site where i saw an RX-78 and Zaku build where they were painted pink and had ballerina tutus as accessory ^^; lost the link though… will try to look for it again XD

    • Its amazing how many variations we can have on such a classic kit 😀 Its definitely awesome sight looking at their works. Guess its evangelion fever fever now with 2.0 just being released! I think I recall seeing that pink ballerina before…haha let me know if you find the link, will be more than happy to share it here. Btw have you seen evangelion 2.0? I love the new stuff they added in…the final fight was epic 😀

  2. All I can say is… HOLY HELL that’s a lot of gundams! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…. (this is me watching those Guns and drool at the same time)

  3. tat’s a cool 40 rx78(s)! yes i am not alone.

    somehow it reminded me of the title for Evangelion 1.0 <> lol.

    back to the models, really cool to see how one model can be done up so differently and it gives a different feel. *speechless*

    • Lol come to think of it, lol its like eva 1.0 title 😀 You asuka/rei, then ren erh….shinji lol!

      Yep really impressive build they got there…and its looks really fun coming up with all those builds! Haha and I heard you are planning a 7-11 version right tako?

    • Lol you can’t help, it is THE grand daddy of all gundams 😀 No escaping from his awesome might lol….kage bushin no justu! (Multiply clones!!!)

  4. Unlimited RX-78 works o__o!!

    This is why gunpla is fun – you can customize it to your liking. XDD I lol’d at the 7up version of the shield too! And the Evangelion version right at the top is amazing. *_* Aw man, there’s even a tiny RX-78 in the group xD All these photos makes me want to get a RX-78-2 gunpla myself…

    • Lol maybe I should get three and do one eva unit 0 , 1 & 2 ^^. Maybe do a couple of zeon angels to fight with em lol 😀 Man I am so getting pump up for modding now haha!

      I think i saw 2 more boxes of RX 78-2 at HAG….this is tempting argh!!! got to break the bank..

    • haha you saw the show already! How did you find it. I was amazed at the last fight….that new girl really put up a good fight. Can’t imagine RX78 go all beast on anyone 😀

        • Yep that was a first…in fact when eva 2 switched on her beast mode I thought she will be the one eating the angel this time! But Mari is one crazy gal….she can take quite a fair bit of pain

    • Yep I loved how the merge their favorite stuff and represent it on their kits! Maybe when you get yours, ren and a few others we can do our own grp build lol 😀 Forty is kinda too much lol (no space and money!!)

      The 30th version Rx78 is really a detailed kit. Its quite a good grab. ^^

      • seeing cool builds always temp me to go on a shopping spree 😛 i really like the idea of doing a group build! im almost positive i will get the 30th ver. by next month but i wonder how far i can get without painting lol

        • Lol, I get that feeling too when I see really great builds and I wanna try them out! Maybe you can try out painting this time haha! Or you can do a uber battle damaged RX78-2 instead 😀 Your trademark style ^^

    • Haha its one hell of a crazy group build! Lol that shiny one is the most unique method of modding 😀 My favorite is still the Evangelion inspired RX78-2! Hopefully they will organize another group build!

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