Totem Challenge!!

Recently Rockleelotus has issued a totem toy stack challenge. Bd77 has already got his follow grunts and crew to create his mecha totem. Not to be out done Keroro has decided to come up with his very own version….

Well there you have it….keroro’s totem was an epic fall…guess I need bigger kits and ugly dolls…initially I though of using about 10 different grunt units lol….but I think i’ll will be biting off more than I can chew 😦

Anyway for all events I did prepare first aid…somehow I know Keroro couldn’t pull this off…

Guys start running…and as for Keroro whose toe is injured…

Till the next post!


24 thoughts on “Totem Challenge!!

  1. The winRAR is you~! You actually made a … uh.. somewhat… mecha-ish totem that is nearly the same height as your LCD monitor (which is already big). My hats off to you.

    You even put a reference to mine. LoL. “Nice view”. XD

    The uh… gassing part is very unexpected (“Feels good…”), smells like cheese, oh c*ck… 😦

    Poor Kero, about to be stabbitied.
    😀 😀 😀

    • Lol thanks! So the totem count is 2 at the feet, one zeon grunt, one kero robo, 2 in the middle and keroro at the top so that makes it seven! lol.

      Haha linking the post to fellow totemers lol (made this up) I was figuring out a way how to bring the house down lol…surprisingly the whole structure was quite stable as I had my Hygogg as a base :D. Looks like keroro will be in the hospital for a long time!

      • Thanks for the link-back. 🙂

        BTW, Char (my HGUC Sazabi) will see on what Mr Big Blue (you HyGogg) has been doing, later on.

        2ft? That’s the same height as a… Dolfie~! O_o;

        • Hehe no problem 😀 Dolfie?? Looks like I can bring in Rocklees’ DD Yoko for a nice comparison session 😀

          Oh no better start telling Mr Big Blue to hide!!! 😀

          • lol so glad to see you guys taking on the challenge! ^^

            haha if it was 2ft and they took a plunge, the aftermath would have to be censored! ..Yoko wont mind a comparison session but she said shell take her rifle along with her.. hmmm maybe she plans to do some totem target practice too 😛

            • Haha now him maybe we can get hamster to do a stacking with his danbos! They are all boxes so should be so much more stable. If it was 2ft and they took a plunge…don’t think keroro will only be left with a broken toe haha….but someone despite all the explosions and household torture you see in the series…somehow he always manages to make it out alive! (Even after that massive water draining by the nyuroro!)

              Haha I’ll gladly decline the target practice lol…my ugly dolls and keroro are very precious 😀 (I’ll gladly reduce the totem count to four ^_^;)

  2. that is some very unique and clever stacking you did! as bd77 said, you are the winRAR! lol Hygogg makes for an excellent base*or should i say those two poor ugly dolls haha*, maybe you can pull off two totems… one on each shoulder!.

    really didnt expect the sabotaged from within, deadly gas attack from the ugly doll XD ohh ho that is a big needle for first aid, might do more damage then good lol

    • Yeah lol 😀 Nah just doing for the challenge ^^ The ultimate test of stability (using ugly dolls as the base haha!) And doing 2 totems on the shoulders that highly unlikely lol unless I use my zoid as a base instead 😀 But nedroids have a bigger head and they are much shorter! I am sure when you get your new nendos stacking 6 / 7 of em shouldn’t be problem 🙂 Besides being cute is such a huge plus point haha.

      Haha that gas attack was kinda inspired by my erh…heavy dinner before the photoshoot haha! Keroro is in for one hell of a jab 😀

        • Hmm riding on top lol……kinda thinking it will only work for my zoid saber tiger though! 😀

          Hmm come to think of it I haven’t name the red guy yet….haha just call him gas bag ^^ (Will stick him with this crappy name till I think of another…)

    • Ah man you kits and figmas not with you at the moment…maybe next time when you get back home we can start another one 😀

    • Haha your danbo will make for one excellent totem! Hope there won’t be any accidents like mine while doing the WIP for the totem!!

  3. ahahaha, the farting part is funny, and the last kero picture, I can hear his voice screaming “kerooooooooo……” LOL

    this weekend I’ll check the store at iluma, maybe will get some uglydolls, you poison me….

    • Haha…keroro is one poor dude 😀 Oh yes by all means do visit Play Imaginative, I am sure the ugly dolls will make excellent companions with your drossel ^^ especially on a lazy sunday afternoon haha!! Poison is good…

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