G-Xiphos Wip 1


Though Gundam Age was a wee bit disappointing on the story line. It did gave us some fantastic pirate theme kits. Beside the Age 2 Dark Hound my second favourite was the G-Xiphos. Its a very simple but nicely designed kit. I will be doing purely a straight build with some touch ups from my gundam markers.


I added a few touch of gundam grey to the joints and neck area.

g xiphos 011

Painted the thrusters with gundam marker silver and some grey along the back.

g xiphos 015 g xiphos 017

Also took liberty of sharpening the claw edge for the left arm

g xiphos 026

Top half done for now. Got to go take care of my son lol……

Till the next post!


7 thoughts on “G-Xiphos Wip 1

    • Haha I did build it during my break. Haven’t took photos. Besides, the captain of the Bisidians will need a little debut story keke..

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