Slow crawl to the posting line

warren 031garden

I contemplated for a long time before hitting the publish button……too long a vacation from blogging now its seems almost as if this is my first virgin post.

My gunpla boxes are collecting dust, my camera’s batteries long dead, paint supplies dried, WIPs lost in a mad jumble of boxes…

But still I love my collecting model kits, I enjoy building them after a hard day’s work, I still like filling up my cupboard with box after unbuild box of gunpla and toys (Thank goodness for a wife that understands my hobby haha…)

Now to start up the modelling engine again!





12 thoughts on “Slow crawl to the posting line

    • haha same! Need to blog and at the same time clear up my back logs! But i feel gunpla is so much better experienced when you share it around!!

    • Haha sorry for the long pause…actually I nearly thought of giving up on blogging. But somehow I just can’t seem to give up gunpla and sharing it ^^

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