The weird, the wild and the random.

Real life always have to take precedence over my blogging life. I guess its a common thing when we transition from the single life into new dads, we have less time for our own toys and hobbies. This very much the same thing happening with the other daddy bloggers that I known and a common situation that we all can know every well leaves us with barely enough time just to snap fit lol. With a business and a growing little boy to take care off, my blogging/toycollecting/photography/gunpla will have to take a back seat. So as for regular posting I have doubts I could even post regular as I have in the past. Β So apologies for the on and off posting.

Then again, I take pride in seeing my son grow up. Though he is just barely a year old, he is very much the reason why I rush home straight from work almost every night. Yet on some days when the stress is too much, there is Amiami, Hobby Link Japan and China Square Central for my retail therapy. The result, in these past few weeks…very very random purchases….

Think some of you might have known I got this during a very stressful week lol….though it won’t be anytime soon that I’ll be doing it. Ligers are just too awesome to pass…

And another revoltech to my collection, the getter robo renewal version with the awesome cloak!!

As a fan of Godzilla…this is one SH Monster Arts that I can never pass….

And another ugly doll to my collection!!! Pointy is just to cute haha…

Wedge head giving Pointy some tips on surviving in the Toy Room keke..

Also managed to continue some work on the Zeydra, but not enough of a progress for a wip post I am afraid.

Well so that wraps up what I have been doing and getting for the past few weeks ^^.

Till the next post!!


30 thoughts on “The weird, the wild and the random.

  1. When kid reached a certain age they became hyper, so yeah…

    Wow, renewed Getter 1 and GOJIRAA~!
    Guessed what, will be doing Zeydra very soon.

    • haha…well I am awaiting for what they term the terrible twos…that will be one trying period πŸ˜›

      Whoo, quick post Zeydra up!!!

  2. wow so thats the Liger you said to me the other day..

    quite frankly I’m as excited as you are on that one, as I have yet to try the HMM line πŸ˜€

    • Haha yep! thats the guy i was talking about ^^ But really if you have a chance try one…its really a very different experience from building gunpla!!

  3. I was just telling my sister “when I first knew this guy, he wasn’t even married yet, and now his son is so big!” Time really flies… also, I very VERY vaguely remember seeing your photo and somehow I thought your son really resembles you. XD Especially the way he smiles.

    Also, Liger pals!! I picked up my own Liger way back too, alas no space so it’ll be waiting till I have a new cabinet. Or a new house. The box is so big too, it really feels like you’ve picked up something special Retail therapy feels good. Pointy is adorable haha! Zeydra is coming along nicely; makes my own hands itchy for gunpla kit. I haven’t bought/built new gunpla for a long time already..

    Hope life has been treating you well! πŸ˜€

    • I having really started on the liger, just begin opening the box and smelling the new plastic. Also been taking a break from my toys. Now more into gaming and spending time with my son. Can’t really get my hands dirty when I am playing with him haha so no mods and painting for the moment >_<!!!

      • Haha, smelling the new plastic! And jiayou, tahan for now!! Further down the road, you’ll be able to get your son to mod and paint kits with you. XD Anyway gaming is always good, nice to have a change of pace sometimes.

    • Haha thanks Xine, but I am taking a semi break from blogging and toys at the moment ^^ Now dedicating more time to my son and gaming ^^

  4. Here’s something weird, wild and awesome (Translated excerpt from Super Robot Wars Z2.1)
    Setsuna: Gundam with fangs?!
    Shinn: you mean the Zeta?
    Setsuna: No, the white and black one where did it come from? it has fangs! it cannot be a Gundam!
    Amuro: these aren’t fangs, these are Fin Funnels
    Setsuna: then…it’s a Gundam?
    Amuro: Yes… all of our mechs are gundams
    Setsuna: Except the golden one, thats not a Gundam
    Quattro: …

  5. I somehow like the composition of Pointy among the simiarly coloured balls as if it fits in but just not quite.

    Looking forward to see how your Zeydra will look ultimately~

    • Haha thanks!! But I don’t think i’ll be updating as of this moment, dedicating more time to my son and starcraft 2 πŸ˜›

  6. Your son is so cute! Yes I also cut down a lot for toys and some blogging as time is not enough to balance between work, family and hobby. LOL

    • Haha thanks bro πŸ˜› He takes after his mother on this aspect ^^ I feel you bro, didn’t know it was this hard to juggle all 3 together!!

    • I did have some kotobukiya zoids….very ultra detail but very flimsy. And you don’t really need to paint, just a nice flat top coat and they are good to go!

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