HG Zeydra WIP 2

Sorry for the lack for post the past week. Been busy with the business. Managed to squeezed out some spare time during the weekend to continue the work on the HG Zeydra. This post will mainly deal with the seamlines. First picture above I sawed of the yellow piece into 2 to allow reinsertion for easier painting after removing the seamline at the groin area.

Sawed off the pegs at the bicep area. Sanded both the connector and the bicep internals to allow reinsertion after removing the seamline.

The most problematic seamline is the tight area. Luckily this months hobby Japan has a good example on how to deal with the tight area. I cut in the direction indicated by the white arrows.

Did a C joint mod for the parts highlighted in green.

After cutting, the tight connector will be seperated from the groin connector. One problem I faced was that the joints were not as strong. Hence I added a pla plate behind the joint to increase the strength of the joint.

Also did some sharpening of the fin. Extended the helmet area and the yellow fins with pla plate.

Added 2 mm to the legs, felt that the original legs were too short.

Carved out some panel lines so that I won’t have to deal with the seamline in the main torso.

Well thats a wrap for the day!

Till the next post!


23 thoughts on “HG Zeydra WIP 2

    • Haha, I find the legs kinda short compared to the rest of the body. Doesn’t seem as slim as the one in the line art >_<!!!

  1. Really nice modification!

    I was thinking the same mod for the bicep parts.. make it slide in and out hehe

    nice mod on the thigh section.. gotta see what I can do after done my slow snap fitting with on the spot nub sanding that still havent finish yet lol

    nice extension on the leg too.. I havent finish the leg parts yet.. gotta see overall when it finish, I dont think gonna do heavy mod and stuffs.. so yeah.. minor mod for painting and just recolor ^^

    • Thank you! Trying to nail down the proportions before I do any major mods. So far just sanding the seams is already very taxing lol…

      Your recolor is awesome man based on what I saw in your FB account.

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