HG Zeydra wip 1

Started some preliminary work on the HG Zeydra. Played and switched around the parts for a good part of the evening and I came up with this!

Switched the wings from the back pack to the skirt area. Attached the skirt parts to the right hand. Got the idea from Gundam OO Susanowo.

Currently I’ll might be placing this two parts behind the neck. Might change in the next wip.



Le Wild Titus Appears!

Gundam fight ready go!!!!

Till the next post!


16 thoughts on “HG Zeydra wip 1

  1. Changing the position of the wings, eh?
    Those pegs at the backpack is rather useful when it comes to attaching extras. Like for example… cannons. =)

    Now, what exactly do you have in mind for the forearms?

    A wild AGE Titus had appeared, time for a smackdown. 😀

    • haha well Zeydra needs someone to kick in the end keke.

      Hmm the forearms gonna need a bit of armor. Something like those you find on the arms of the Sinanju.

    • Hehe, I might add some more parts but somehow I think this configuration isn’t all too bad. Plus less mods equal faster finishing time!!!

    • Haha same here, I actually missed the initial release when it came out!! had to wait for another week before I could actually get my hands on him!!

    • Haha thanks! Yep i will still be working on titus. Still thinking what to mod for the main torso, I’ll be going slow and steady with both the Zeydra and Titus hehe.

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