Gundam Age 1.5 Titus

I must admit, the simple designs for gundam age are really growing on me. And my favorite so far are the Titus and Age 2. One issue I had with the titus and age 2 was their main body frames. For age 2, I felt it wasn’t as streamlined line and slick with such a huge and broad frame, and vice versa for Age 1 Titus.  So instead I switched age 2’s body with age 1’s titus and it really fired up my desire to mod these 2 kits ^^.

Now age 2 is closer to what I desire out of a slick and fast suit keke.

I’ll start with the Titus first haha……seamline removal in progress…stay tuned for updates this weekend !! So what you guys think of this switch?

Till the next post!


23 thoughts on “Gundam Age 1.5 Titus

  1. wow looking forward for that good luck 😀

    I am also planning to get the age 2 normal as im impressed with the engineering and stuff hahha 😀 😀

    • Age 2 is a great kit i must say! Nice choice! Wonder what the third form will be though, they already released age 3 stuff… and not even glimpse of age 2 third form >_<!!

  2. Age-2!! I was planning to pick one up but no time. x_X Plus I’m still waiting for my HMM Liger Zero Jager to come in [had to skip MG Banshee too because no way I can afford two expensive kits within 2 months =/ quite disappointed] so I don’t have to make multiple trips. I suppose I can wait for the MG for Age-2 that Bandai sure will announce one day though, but…Age-2…

    Great to see that you’ve picked up Titus and Age-2! Can’t wait to see how they’ll turn out. 😀

    • Wow….hmm liger zero…thats a beautiful kit…but it is very expensive. Given the speed they are release the MG age kits I think by this year you should be able to get the Age 2 MG soon haha!

      Well hope my version of age won’t disappoint you! Great to see you still in the hobby ^^

      • Haha right? HMM Liger Zero Jager’s so pretty I caved in pretty quick. XD [[Which is a bad choice because I really have no space…]] And I’m pretty stunned by Bandai’s speed with releasing MG AGE kits. Age-1 here soon, then Titus and Spallow, and then there’s apparently also a Gafran coming up!? Slow down! But it’s okay, I saved enough hopefully.

        Thanks! Happy to see that you’re going on strong as ever too, and even getting into AGE kits! 😀 I need to build more myself, my kits are piling up like nobody’s business (and update WordPress more too lolol).

        • Kotobukiya has been on a tear recently I must admit….nearly wanted to jump in back to zoids but my budget shall remain for gunpla 😛 And space is also another issue we all face haha. Luckily i collect mainly 1/144….if not the seed mgs will kill me XD

          Haha well this is one hobby that will follow me for life and the best way to enjoy it is to share it with others! Hope to see you back to posting soon too ^^

  3. Man! The first pic look awesome. Gundam Age Titan reminds me of Maxter Gundam from ‘G’ Gundam a lot and I can’t agree more that Age 2 is more pleasant to the eyes. Like most had said that it’s like 00 Gundam with 7 swords.

    • Thanks!! Haha indeed, Maxter will be very proud of this latest bulky incarnation! Age 2 is a very nice kit. Highly recommend him!

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