HGUC Banshee completed

I have been working on the HGUC Banshee on and off these past few weeks. Its a simple straight build where I detailed it purely using just gundam markers and some left over decals. This time round I’ll be documenting what I have done to the banshee and what tools were used for those interested in building it straight out of the box and want to do something a little bit extra to spice up this great kit.

From left to right

1) Tamiya enamal paint silver

2) GM 10 Black which was used as a base for the thrusters

3) GM 12 Grey for the grey parts

4) GM 72 blue to cover up the sprue marks and paint blue when required

5) Black gundam marker for the blue parts

6) Brown gundam marker for the gold parts

7) Lacquer semi gloss coat for the top coat.

There are a fair bit grey that needed to be painted.

The front bottom skirts

Spots around both arm weapons

And the leg joints require painting. There is a very very hideous mold line(white arrow) Β that I got rid off using sanding paper. Sanded from 600 – 1o00 – 1200 and finally 1500 grit.

As an added bonus, there are tons of left over parts which you can use keke…basically you can make a regular unicorn out of this set.

Some action shots.

Have a great weekend!

Till the next post!


30 thoughts on “HGUC Banshee completed

  1. say, mind sharing where you got the silver tamiya marker from? Been sorely wanting a replacement for the plated silver gundam marker since it was discontinued and no luck thus far.

    • I got it from hobby art gallery ^^ Its a great replacement but one thing is it takes at least 2 days to completely dry as its enamel based.

    • Haha actually I won’t say its a ninja post πŸ˜› I did mention in my replys keke. If you get two of these definitely you can do a shenlong and seravee combo!

  2. Nice clean build chubbs! The brown on gold works really good.
    What I like about banshee is that the weapons are designed to be integrated. There is no need to control a finger to pull the trigger XD

  3. The gold plastic that they used for the psycho frame is actually good IMO. If they used the same plastic in the upcoming HGUC Delta Gundam, it probably won’t cost a freaking 4400 yen right now, hahaha! Nice straight build by the way. πŸ˜€

    • Haha very good suggestion on the gold. I remember the old hguc hyaku shiki, it wasn’t gold plated but still had a nice glossy gold like the one they used in the banshee’s frame. Thanks!

    • hehe thanks! Snap fit is about what I can do currently comfortably. Modding will have to take a back seat due to time constrains πŸ˜›

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