My 1st MG for this year is….

With my bonus in hand and a constant awesome release from Bandai in their Master Grade line (with a 30% discount from Hobby Art @ Work Chinese New Year promotion to boot!) I knew down the road I am gonna cave in to one of them. And interestingly I wanted heavy arms but the last piece walked out of the door when I entered…. but lo and behold my son grabbed this box, started sinking his teeth literally into this box….graphic content dead straight down…





As a good warning to those with kids, never ever let them snatch off the shelf straight….you have been warned..well so there goes my first MG haha..the Master Grade Sandrock….can’t wait to start working on this beast…

And to cap it off, a nice mug shot of the culprit, grinning to the teeth in my arms lol…

Have a great week ahead!

Chubbs and little Chubbs signing out!


43 thoughts on “My 1st MG for this year is….

  1. literally I said “argh” after seeing the teethmarks on the box,, this must be one of those situations that when you break it you buy it xD

    well you can always come back for heavy arms later 😀

    • Hehe luckily I don’t really mind about the box as long as the contents are okay 😛 I am so gonna get heavy arms when he comes out! Maybe have my son give him the lucky bite 😛

    • Haha true, I remember we brought him to the clinic, a couple beside us asked what milk we fed him. We looked at their kid, same age as ours and he barely has any teeth while warren had nearly to full set 😛

  2. MG Sandrock!.. It rocks! I got to stop buying kits for a while due to overwhelming unfinished kit. Won’t mind some BB Sangokuden I guess. Hee! Hee! Both father and son are so smiley. Enjoy! Enjoy! Happy time!

    • Hehe it rocks indeed!! Same here for me, so I have been buying selectively haha. I think as for BBs they will have this new series keke….will definitely be getting those!

      It will be even better if he can build with me haha! Got to be patient ^^

  3. Hey hey hey! Lookit at the little guy!
    My daughter is still waiting for her first tooth 🙂

    You son has good taste in MG kits hehe…literally!
    I hope you guys have a great time building it 😀

  4. Hahaha!!! I used to be very meticulous on the boxes of my gunpla, I’d go to multiple shops just to find a model kit in a perfect box. Heck I even felt somewhat discontented when I get one with some creases.

    Nowadays, I’m more open on to how my gunpla boxes are (as long as they aren’t crumpled in all places)…

    Anyways, have fun with your Sandrock! 😀

    • Haha i know that feeling. When i first started out, I wanted my box in crisp edges. Now with my son around, just learn to let it go even if there are bite marks!

  5. I like the Sandrock too. Maybe I’ll wait and see if the Custom will be released, but I’m not so confident since there are really very little differences. The EW kits have really re-ignited my urge to buy!

  6. hey hey!!! Is he walking already?? Right now My kid is a walking whirlwind, she just can’t stop running around inside the house!! hahahaha

    • Hehe indeed 😛 Half the world is in my arms, the other my wife lol 😛 Yep sandrock is a very good kit, I am building it at the moment leisurely, hopefully can post some wip pictures soon 😛

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