HGUC Jesta wip – 4

Lots of apologies for not updating the blog for so long. It has been quite an intense 2 weeks at work so when I reach home, I just wanna hit the sack or laze around playing starcraft 2 haha..also I’ll catch up on my fellow bloggers in due time keke! Just to share some pictures of my wip for the Jesta though it might not be much.

As for the cannon, I tried for the first time to give it some sort of exhaust at the back. Quite tedious but for a first try I say its quite alright šŸ˜›

Added a bit of panel line to the shield in addition to some pla plates.

Also I feel that I gotten the hang of cutting small piece of pla plate..but still the gluing can be quite challenging for my chubby hands šŸ˜›

Just a short update to let you know that this blog is alive and kicking!

Till the next post!


41 thoughts on “HGUC Jesta wip – 4

  1. Hahaha we all had moments when we’re just too busy or not in the mood to blog (currently having the same thing myself :p).
    At least it’s good to know you’re still around :D.

  2. Give the cannon a vernier, an extended barrel and a portable nuke launcher, GP02A style.
    A: Did you know that Bandai will be reissuing SEED HGs for it’s 10th anniversary?
    B: No way, that’s crappy dude.
    A: And did you know that they will release a new MG?
    B: Cool story bro, hope it’s Aegis.

    • Haha with nukes i’ll go solomon express on this guy!!! Personally I think the barrel is just nice, not too short not too long. But the reissuing of the SEED HGs is kinda like a non event for me šŸ˜› Though I am too hoping that it might be Aegis or MG Buster hehe.

    • Calamity/Sword Calamity, that one needs more love.

      On a side note, I think Bandai/Sunrise/fans/anonymous/4channers/trolls puts no love on G-Saviour anymore, it’s not that it is the black sheep of Gundam but more of a disowned distant relative. Everyone keeps on bitching how G Gundam/Turn-A/SEED Destiny sucks but at least, they acknowledge it’s existence. As for G-Saviour, it’s almost as if it doesn’t even exist anymore.

    • I won’t call it ripped out haha, just felt that Zabanya don’t really need so many of these plus its just snap fitted. Using his shield saves me a lot of time as the basic shape is what i wanted ^^

  3. No worries about the less frequent post. Well, there are some news from glimpse of your FB. Nice to indulge in games sometime. I fav pasttime game is surely SD Gundam Generation. Never ending to the grinding… Lol…

  4. This just came to me after seeing this cannon-Jesta concept for quite a while… Is this some form of a Guncannon variant from the Gundam UC timeline? that would be cool if it is… And still looking forward to how everything will turn out! šŸ˜€

  5. The extra pla plates give a nice touch, and the ones on the cannon reminds me of Virtue’s GN Bazooka, but more compact.

    The feeling of not wanting to do anything but take a break after a long day of work is understandable; it’s tiring physically and mentally to keep up with so much stuff, and once you get home you just want to rest. But it’s good to see that your posts are great as ever. Take your time mate!

    • Heh thanks for the encouragement Q. So far I couldn’t get much work or motivation to work on Gunpla recently. Hope that will change soon. But I am still working on the Jesta, already primed and fixing up some of the mistakes haha…

    • Heh bro, thanks for the well wishes! Sorry for the late replys, been busy with taking care of my son and starcraft 2 so no time for blogging this few months!! Don’t think i’ll grow the collection this year haha:P

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