Keroro Gasaphon Box Set 3 getto!!!

Keroro, I got this amazing looking Gasaphon set from HLJ Keroro sale last month for $30 inclusive of shipping keke. My wife and I couldn’t resist opening up the entire set when the package came! I quickly took a few photos of each….hopefully i’ll get a chance to feature them in a photoshoot during the weekend.  All the gasaphons come enclosed in a unique head, each with a different expression!!!

Hehe the entire Kerojin soccer team!!

My favorite of the whole lot…this expression is so funny lol….

Super Saiyan Keroro!!

My wife’s favorite lol…great choice! She likes his pose ^^

Time to get back to my sanding kekeke

Till the next post!! Kerooooo!!!!



30 thoughts on “Keroro Gasaphon Box Set 3 getto!!!

    • haha , actually the packaging comes in six different heads, cry expression, happy haha. The packaging itself is quite worth collecting too ^^

  1. Didn’t know that your wife is a big fan of Keroro too – must have been great when you two are both excited to open the boxes up!

    Btw how big are these trading figures? And the actual capsules are the heads themselves as seen in the first picture?? That surely makes it seem much more interesting than typical “blind boxes” or the reusable capsules as seen in gashapon machines!

    • Haha the joy when she opened those that she like is priceless!! They are about half the height of a nendoroid. The actual capsules are indeed the heads that you see in the first picture. The boxes itself is worth collecting also!!!

  2. Nice pick, not interested though, I’m more on mechas *BANDAIII, WHERE IZ MIH FALGUEN (Dragonar mech, piloted by Meio Plato), DO WAN IT NAOOO*m

  3. I saw this in a local shop here, can changed the small head with the big head…. looks fun… I wish to get specific combination but since it’s gashapon items… sigh…

  4. That’s so awesome! I always end up having no money when things like this are coming out, or I don’t catch the sales at least. I’ve got to get my son some Keroro goodies one of these days, he can’t get enough of the anime.

    • Haha great to know you son like keroro! I’ll always check in on HLJ once in a while, they always have some odd stuff for sale from time to time 😛

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