HGUC Jesta Wip 3

I managed to get some time off to do my HGUC Jesta this week since its quite quiet at work. Just took a few quick in progress pictures hehe…

I added more pla plates to the shoulders to give a slight buff since I am going for a slightly muscular look. Kit bashed with Zanbanya’s rifle shield bits since he has tons of em 😛 I used a combination of Kotobukiya joints and spare spure to make the joint. Plus this weapon can be used on all my Jestas since its detachable ^^.

There will still be more work done on the shoulder cannon. At least I got the main joint done.

Till the next post!


42 thoughts on “HGUC Jesta Wip 3

  1. Ehhhh~! You ALREADY done the shoulder cannon? D=

    Was thinking of that too… but for both sides (means no shields).

    Can’t wait to see the next one. =D

    • Haha Jesta Gun cannon 😛 Nah the cannon still needs more detailing hehe. I will be leaving the shield for now, but I am thinking for the next Jesta I turn the shield into something similar to exia’s sword and shield combination ^^

  2. Is that the Zabanya fence thinggy for the canon.. looks awesome!! love the pla-plate details.. that edges >_<… makes me want to rethink bout going Painted OOB or Pla-platings uguuuuu

    • Yep its from Zabanya hehe. (Sounds of a crying lockon..) Been looking around a lot of wip for pla plating kekeke….. but actually jesta even straight build is a beautiful kit!!

  3. Oh interesting use of the second hole of the backpack to include something like a cannon of some sort like the Jesta Cannon. Looking very nice there, and it makes me really humble of my straight build Jestas so far~

    • That additional slot at the back pack can sure have a lot of room for mods and weapons. i was thinking making different back packs in order for the jesta squad to adjust accordingly to their mission ^^

  4. For me, that Zabanya shield bit actually balances the “asymmetry” (since it’s not really asymmetrical) brought by the shield attached to the backpack. Simple yet effective 😉

  5. is that kampfer’s shotgun? 🙂
    heheh nice detailing chubbs

    As for the thick plaplates, how about dong a beveled edge, I am sure it will look nicer.

  6. Nice mod! Will you be painting the extra armour plate? I’m still waiting to get my hands on this kit. I’m the lazy type so I will usually end up doing a straight build with overcoat.

    • Hehe this is a worthy grunt to anyone’s collection haha!! I used a spare sprue and a koto joint for the part. Probably take some pictures for the next wip of that joint!

  7. The Jesta was already awesome but you made it even ‘awesomer’! 😀
    I was away on a mini vacation and now I’m back baby!
    check this out !

    Have a great weekend!

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