The Blue Demon

A certain blue demon approaches the Toy Room…

Its seems hell bent on finding trouble and has no problems finding his first 2 victims…

Haha hope you guys enjoy this little fun toy photography session that I had today. Its been a long time since I last took my Keroro gasaphon out and my ugly dolls haha. Also the gouf used in this story is the Super Creative Model Ex Gouf or SCM EX Gouf for short ^^.

Till the next post!!


33 thoughts on “The Blue Demon

  1. A Super Creative Model of the Gouf? Wow. The proportions makes more… menacing that the recent HGUC one. =D

    Oho~! Keroro bags the Gouf in one swift swoop. XD

    • Hehe I was also very excited when I saw this gouf…i quickly grab it for a very nice price of $13……. The details are very sharp and damn poseable hehe.

      And yep, one might leap will knock your gouf out!!

  2. The Gouf shd have killed him when he got the chance, this always happens in movies where the villain talk some crap before killing its’ prey and then got killed by some other good guy instead =.=;

    • Haha always happen in the plot πŸ˜› I actually cut out some of the fight scenes for easier editing. By right the gouf shouldn’t get killed in just one hit haha!!

    • Yep its a Special Creative Model Ex ^^ Quite a nice set of figures but they are hard to find!!

      His gunpla collection is always growing and he has a keen eye for adding more all the time!!

    • Haha Keroro is an expert in all MS, so he knows where to hit it to take it down πŸ˜› Plus my camera is running out of juice haha…

    • Lol, no my HGUC is in storage lol!!! Keroro just know which buttons to push. one knock is all it takes to down the gouf haha πŸ˜›

  3. Haha! I have to get one of those Keroro toys one of these days. I keep telling myself to do it but forget when I actually have money to spare on it. I also really like that Gouf, wouldn’t mind having one of those either XD

    • The gouf might be a bit hard to find. I was quite lucky to get it!! Haha as for keroro I happen to chance him on a shelf hidden in one corner ^^.

    • Heh thanks! Well if time permits and I have an idea for the story haha, i’ll be happy to post more. But juggling between work, family and hobby has been quite hard!!!

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