HGUC Jesta Wip 2

Doing some additional panel lining for the HGUC Jesta. I used normal scotch tape and tape along where I plan to insert the panel line.

Panel line done with scribing pen which I got from Hobby Art Gallery. Ā A very useful tool I must say!

Also did extra panel lining at the tight area.

Also added 1 mm pla plates to the waist to raise it up.

Added 0.5mm to the bicep area on both side.

Also some minor pla plating on the head and neck area.

Also a little tip on cutting small pieces of pla plate. To prevent that small piece from flying off, I cut the pla plate on low tack masking tape.

Well just some small updates from me today ^^. Looking forward to the next weekend to work on this kit again!

Til the next post!

22 thoughts on “HGUC Jesta Wip 2

    • Actually just raising the height a bit for some additional articulation šŸ˜› Won’t mod the waist cos that will take too much time!!

  1. I suspect that your Jesta will be more meatier than the stock model. XD

    And yes, I do find the Jesta’s biceps are bit… well… tiny, compare to the Jegan…

  2. Hm you replace the 00 biceps back into its’ original one? I believe this Jesta will be the most coolest looking one with all those extra panel lines and stuff:)

    • Ah I actually use the 00 biceps just to test out if the beefed up look is better, plus the 00 biceps don’t fit very well, quite loose in fact.

      thanks for the compliments!!!

  3. Cutting the pla plate with the help of a masking tape is a good idea. i remember how it breaks my heart seeing a good little piece of pla plate fly away just like that..

  4. i used design knife blade glued to a piece of pla plate at an angle to help me scribing consistent lines with accordance to the sides of the parts. easier and faster, i say, and less mis-scrib too šŸ˜‰

  5. Really nice mods you have applied there… definitely makes my Gunpla look like cr*p, haha! Anyways, looking forward on how this will turn out… especially in the part when you paint them…

    Speaking of painting, do you have any guides of some sort on how you paint your kits (there are for Gundam Markers but none for actual paints), so that mine would look less cr*ppy, hahaha! šŸ˜€

    • Ah I usually handpaint my gunpla but its hard to do a tutorial on that to be honest. But you can refer to MAC forums, there is this specific video by Kamm on handpainting hehe

      Hope this helps bro!

  6. I’m kinda jealous at you, you got the skills and the equipments, you have these so-called Hobby Art Galleries while all I have is just HLJ, 1999 and AmiAmi. Can’t find any modelling equipment or a professional to help me out.
    And now I want to paint it in a Gundam color scheme, no time no equipment no skills=total n00b.

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