HGUC ZZ Completed!

Another straight build that I managed to squeezed in during the weekend. The awesome HGUC ZZ that I got from a HLJ sale. Used a combination of gundam markers and left over waterslide decals for extra detailing. Will just spam the pictures from here on haha…

My lazy man photo booth set up haha.. just using my room overhead light and an additional led to light the front. The led light is used to shine the ground and let the light bounce of the white paper to create a brighter picture. Included the rest of the photos in a gallery as there are too many 😛

Till the next post!

27 thoughts on “HGUC ZZ Completed!

  1. I thought you added metal parts when I saw the rifle barrel. Nice work on the thrusters too! Good to see you managed to squeeze out some time for a straight build. Hope you had a nice weekend with family 😀

    • Thanks bro! Thats what a Saturday evening is for after my son sleeps 😛 I used enamel paint for the thrusters and the silver turned out quite nice ^^.

    • Haha, I know that feeling 😛 Its hard to pull away from that ‘ hmm this part can use some modding mentality’ haha ^^ Then again if I go for mods, probably i can’t clear my stash of kits …

  2. Hohoho. Finally done this guy, eh?

    Nice job in cleaning up the details. =D

    BTW, this is a strategic space-use MS so… legs are bit of an optional item there…

    • Heh heh thanks!!! I had to paint many parts grey to break the monotony!!! Hmm maybe convert the feet into boosters instead 😛

    • heh thank for the encouragement!! I want to improve on my light source for the photos because the ambient light from my room just isn’t enough!!

  3. was wondering when are ya going to post him ever since mentioning him to me last month? xD

    a very nice build looks a bit more like the MG version minus the transformation haha (as he is parts swapping xD)

  4. **looks at your completed HGUC ZZ Gundam**
    **looks at my HGUC ZZ Gundam box with all the backlog**

    dang! These shots make me wanna build mine already, nice work. ^^;

    chucked when you showed your lighting setup, but it works. some more tweaks in the white balance and it will be awesome 😀

    • Haha you are right on the white balance, especially the shots when he is in G fortress mode, somehow I turned the setting wrong for that!!!

  5. **Looks at your completed HGUC ZZ Gundam**
    **Looked at my “completed” HGUC ZZ Gundam with messy ink, scratches and dents complete with untrimmed sprue marks**
    I guess I need some professional skills to have a result as good as yours.

    • I usually take my time for each piece, like I’ll take like an hour just to assemble the arms on monday, the torso on tuesday….i guess its just doing things slowly that makes it cleaner instead of rushing to finish 😛

  6. great photos chubbs!
    with only 1 extra light and a background and you can do it this good. Thanks for sharing the mini studio.
    Will also try to find an LED light this weekend 😀

    • Ah no problem ^^ Actually your own photos are already very good. I was trying to mimick some of those shots I saw on Japanese review sites.

      I got mine for the DIY shops hehe. Probably i’ll bring this down during our meetup tml!!

    • Thanks! I used the tamiya chrome silver. Its an enamel based marker so it creates a much smoother surface. Very good for such thrusters!

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