HG Gundam Nataku Snap fit!

My wife got me a very neat present for my birthday. The classic HG Gundam Nataku from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz! I couldn’t resist snapping it straight away after work haha. Plus I took some quick shots of this kit before I went to sleep.

The HG Nataku in all its snap fit glory.

Some action pose ^^

Gonna touch up the missing colors with some gundam markers over the weekend. Its so fun building old kits haha especially so since its given by my wife ^^

Till the next post!


29 thoughts on “HG Gundam Nataku Snap fit!

  1. Wow, you got this guy. Out of all the five main Gundams, the Nataku and the HeavyArms Custom has the best articulation. You could connect both Dragon Fangs joints into one longer one. =D

    And yes, this guy is SEAM LINES galore… v_v

    • Haha well don’t think i’ll be doing this kit that soon as I’ll be getting the jesta soon for the group build hehe. But i have some ideas on improving the articulation and height. Think its a little bit short for me.

  2. **looks at my HG W-Gundam Zero Custom box with all the backlog**
    dang! you have a thing for making me want to build kits in my backlog, hahaha! can’t wait to see this one completed 😀

    • hehe! Plus its given by my wife haha. Definitely a great vintage kit. I can’t wait to find time after my Jesta GP to start detailing this!

  3. Presents from wife ftw 😀 Snap fit sounds easy and better for my level of skill. I really do like the colors green, red and yellow together. He looks very play friendly as well.

    • Haha its only my other half that truely knows what I want for my birthday haha!!! This one is a very classic kit and snap fitting this just took me a good half and hour ^^. The arms are very fun to play with!

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