SD Sangokuden Yuan Shu – Completed

This will be my first Sangokuden kit for this year. Handpainted with using lacquer and touched up with gundam markers. Also this is the first time using Gaia gold for handpainting and I loved this gold hehe. Sangokuden Yuan Shu so far painting wise has been quite a challenge given the complexity of his armor design. Hope you guys like what this kit!

Till the next post!

46 thoughts on “SD Sangokuden Yuan Shu – Completed

    • Haha thanks! Actually this one the paint job not as good as my Sinanju sobz… but well hehe, will train up for a new kit next round 😛

  1. Hehe there are plenty of mistakes I made for this kit I must admit. At the head one of the gold i overpainted and also I should have used enamel wash instead of gundam markers for the lining >_<!!!

  2. Beautiful job on such a small kit!
    I do envy you, who can handpaint with lacquer (people always told me not to handpaint with lacquer…). Could you give some tips on how to do it?
    The gold really stands out, as for the lining… yeah, you should`ve used enamel wash. ;P

    • Haha we both agree on the lining…was lazy to do enamel wash that day >_<!!!

      The best tip probably I can give is to use retarder. There is a mr hobby lacquer that comes with retarder in it. This will make the paint flow much smoother. Also make sure the brush is soft and wet before you paint, that will help to reduce brush strokes!

    • Thanks!! haha but I must learn to weather tanks like you do one day!! Ah I used the thinner with retarder hehe. Very good for handpainting!

    • Haha I don’t have the time or inclination to make dioramas as of this moment haha. Unless I am entering a competition lol….

      • Seems that he’s all fine with all the ruckus going while you’re painting, a good sign that he’ll be a modeller with potential in the future.

        • Usually when I paint I will be outdoors, don’t want him sniffing all those vapors at this age!! But luckily I have my wife around to look after him while I am painting, otherwise it won’t be possible.

    • Thanks bro!! Ah personally I think Yuan Shu has more linings compared with the other SD sangokuden. I just love the details on this guy!

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