Gundam Converge Zaku II

Picked this little guy while doing some grocery shopping at my local store. The interesting design and proportions drew me to it, plus I needed a quick impulse buy fix lol….plus I needed some gunpla on my workdesk in the office.

The back box art showing the rest of the converge in this series. The Jegan and Rezel look highly tempting but depends on whether I am happy with this little zaku πŸ˜›

Your daily zaku fresh out of the box.

The Zaku II straight out of the box. The clear stand is included to hold it up but by itself it has no problem standing. The sculpt is nice but there are flesh marks on the tubes and some parts of the face.

And a simple comparison with my 1/144 Ecoas Jegan…pretty small guy I must say.

Articulation is fairly limited to only the 2 arms which can turn 360 degress.

And an interesting thing is the monoeye is actually movable!

The details are really very good…makes me want to take out my old zakus and remodel them after this style of detailing.

No details are spared even behind the right arm shield.

Very detailed legs too! As you can see form the picture, the texture of the surface is similar to rubber and its slightly rough.

I am very impressed by the converge line…gonna grab a few more haha…

In the mean time gonna do some panel lining and a bit of weathering to bring the details out πŸ˜›

Till the next post!


27 thoughts on “Gundam Converge Zaku II

    • Personally I don’t find the nose that long haha compared to the gouf πŸ˜›

      I think with a bit of paint and weathering these small little guys will shine hehe.

    • Haha well its like those candy toys where you have a static pose only πŸ˜› But actually I am quite surprised that the monoeye is movable.

      But with a bit of cutting and rods you can slightly increase the articulation hehe..

  1. FW’s work on near-static Gundam figures have always been impressive over the years, be it the latest Gundam Coverage, the StandART, or even previous lines that they have made in the past.

    I remember how lots of people said that the proportions look strange when this line first debuted (a bit like somebody has put a 1/100 or maybe even 1/60 head on top of a 1/144 body), but it seems to be pretty popular now I’d say. They are nice inspirations for your future modding for sure!

    • Haha so far not really into their StandART line, but I must say the very unique proportion and highly detailed sculpt drew my attention and wallet lol. Hopefully we get to see ppl modding 1/144 scales of these in the future and I don’t mean just popping SD heads onto 1/144 kits (I don’t like this lol unless its a keroro head :P)

    • Haha thats an apt description bro!!! But its really a looker on the desk like you said it ^^. And if you take the time to panel line it, it will even look more outstanding!

  2. These lineup really remind me of the MS from a Gundam Game called MS SAGA which has fun gameplay and you could find some of the gameplay footage in youtube as well.

    I wish the first volume of these toys were still available since i wanted to get this toy’s version of Hyaku Shiki

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