HG 00 Quanta WIP 1

This will be a simple quick build. Will add details based on the MG version of the Quanta though I won’t be painting it anytime soon!

I wanted to add some pla plates to the mid section. I used masking tape and wrap around the piece, traced out my desired shape.

Pasted the shape on my 0.25mm evergreen plate.

Sharpened the V fin. Right side is sharpened. Left side original shape.

Added pla plates to the side of the bicep area as i felt the arms are too thin compared to the legs.

Well that is all for now..hope i can get the time to do more gunpla!!!

Till the next post!



21 thoughts on “HG 00 Quanta WIP 1

  1. Hey Chubbs! nice to see a WIP after a while. The original V-fins are UGLY! Nice mods with the pla plates man.
    btw hows the little guy doing? 🙂

    • Haha they just need a bit of scraping to look sharper 😛

      Hehe well hes doing fine except sleeping lol…hard to get him to sleep at night but well he is getting cuter by the day!!

    • Chubs… You… you still have a Gundoom waiting… 😀
      Agree. The original v-fin of the OO series are ugly, right decision to sharpen it. 🙂

  2. Oh going back and do some touch-ups for the 00Q 😮

    The blunt V-fins are kinda understandable since they are fairly sharp to prevent younger modelers to sustain injuries, but sharpening them really makes a lot of differences. I am always impressed at how much details you are trying to put on a 1/144 model! Looking forward to see future progress from you (I hope I can sort my time out to go through the blogrolls ^^;)!

    • Haha don’t worry bro hehe, time is a premium for me too now…I hardly have the time to visit other blogs!!

      I remember my old works with the MG Impulse, someone mentioned to me the V fins aren’t sharp enough, ever since than no more blunt fins 😛 And the sharpen fins definitely make a very big difference!

      Actually I am inspired by Eday haha…his works on 1/144 is legendary…

    • haha…looks like i got carried away. But actually if you have the references in front of you its quite easy to detail 😛

      • I generally collect 1/100 scale kits because y’know, I’m not budget or space constrained but rather time constrained. I don’t have time to spray, paint or even trim (it kinda sucks), so I choose models which look accurate even from scratch.

        • Ah i see. I have a friend who is in the same situation as you. MG will definitely be the best choice his they are color accurcate straight out of the box!

  3. This is the one from the Gundam OO movie right, the one that appear in the final few minutes only >__< – I don't have the kit, lazy to build, but i got the Robot Tamashii version.

    • Ah its one of those rare times where the RD version is better than the HG…more gimmicks, better gripe on the sword…

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