Super Sentai Spider Man?

Special thanks to Charles from Project Wangun for sharing this crazy link with me!

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25 thoughts on “Super Sentai Spider Man?

  1. Basically, the Spider Man tokusatsu is a predecessor to the Super Sentai series, while Goranger and JAKQ Dengekitai has the hero team archetype, Spider Man has the giant robot archetype, Battle Fever J has both the “hero team” and “giant robot” altogether while Fiveman (or was it Bioman) shows the gattai mech with individual members piloting their own vehicles.
    Wow, I can’t believe that even people like you can freak out because of it. I, a long time Marvel and Spider Man fan was like “WTF man, this is utter heresy!” but the show is officially licensed by Marvel and Toei, I found one of the episodes on Marvel’s official website, the show was cleverly nicknamed “Japanese Spider-Man” by Marvel.

    • I have to say, this is way better than any live-action Spider-Man works released in the states, because this one doesn’t rely on stupid CGI and special effects, it’s all the suit actor’s hard work and effort to get the job done and yeah, he’s also skilled at using guns: Something Peter Parker has yet to try since he thinks he’s awesome enough with all the web-spinning gimmicks.
      And some trivia I’d like to share.
      Trivia #1: Spider-Man’s costume look is based on his first appearance in Marvel’s Amazing Fantasy comic book series on issue #15.
      Trivia #2: Battle Fever J, a show inspired by this was originally intended to be an adaptation of Captain America with the working title “Captain Japan”.
      Trivia #3: Bandai, a world-class toymaker made merchandises based on this show, these are the Soul of Chogokin Leopardon, Movie Realization Spider-Man and a vinyl figure, bundled with the SOC Leopardon. Popy also made the Leopardon for their original Chogokin line in the late 70’s which was imported to the states by Bandai America, retaining their names and licenses for their Godaikin line of diecast toys and vehicles and so far, the only Japanese Spider-Man merchandise to be sold in the States alongside a nontransforming Marveller for Mattel’s Shogun Warriors toyline.
      Trivia #4: By 5th March 2009, Marvel began broadcasting episodes on their official website, making that date the first time Spider-Man tokusatsu to be exposed in a global scale.
      Trivia #5: Series antagonist Dr. Monster is a spoof of Dr. Doom, a notable villain in the Marvel franchise.
      Trivia #6: Stan Lee (Creator of Spider-Man) stated that he enjoyed this Japanese take on the titular superhero and the way everything is done, he points out how well the Marveller was done as well.
      Trivia #7: Stan Lee was invited by Toei for the planning of a possible sequel somewhere in the near future.

  2. ahahaha, this one again ^^
    I still remember what Sam said the first time he saw bumblebee transform, “it’s gotta be the Japanese…” hahahaha

  3. The classic Japanese tokusatsu formula is indeed wonderful even for American heroes…. would be amazing if they did the same for Batman and Robin ^__^

    • Haha his batmobile can transform while robins bike can also transform. Meet some bigger bad guys can combine all of batman vehicles into one 😛

  4. I believe this will make you even more shocked

    This is an anime called Space Black Knight, a Gundam ripoff right down to the characters, only without giant robots. This was made after the cancellation of the first Gundam anime when bootleg Korean animes reign supreme. I managed to put three parts of it but if you want to see more check

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