Some updates

Just to share some updates on my works thus far. So far have been working slowly on just one forearm of the  gundoom. Still a lot of clean up and more pla plates to be added. In the mean time just share some work in progress pictures ^^


And since Heathorn is gonna do his, I need to really put in more effort lol!! Gonna go the extra mile with this kit. 

Also finished snap fitting a few other kits like the Super Zaku F2000 and..

the fantastic RG strike!

Just a short update post from me. Gonna continue work on the gundoom later!!

Till the next post!


15 thoughts on “Some updates

    • Haha, well I learned that focus attention to one part at a time really helps to speed things up! I used to think about building up the details for the entire kit at one go but isn’t very productive. So much faster just to detail part by part first.

  1. you really are kicking it up a notch! seems tough to add more detail to a kit that already has quite a bit of it… I wonder what heat has planned for this kit o.O

    more kits surface! is your son already helping with the snap fitting? 😛

    • Ah it is challenging to think of what to add to an already very detailed kit! Gonna change up a bit of the proportion of the arms though cos I feel its a bit smaller compared to the rest of the body.

      Haha nah, all he does is look at the runners…my little apprentice is not ready for cutting stuff yet 🙂

    • Haha well I left most of my kits snap fitted so that in the future when I have an idea i’ll work on them hehe. For now they will stay that way on my table 😛

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