Hi Nu Gundoom Wip 1 – Dealing with the arm seamlines

One of the obvious seamlines known to the gundoom are those found on the forearm which Zodiect already pre warned me during our conversations in facebook. So here is my take on the forearm so hope this helps those who are also doing this kit!

To save myself from that horrendous task of painting the white piece first followed by the blue piece, I need to find a way to separate the blue arm guard from the white. This is what the internals looked liked.

Just a little bit of surgery …..

Create a C section which will allow me to reinsert into the white arm after removing the seam.

Also, I cut off the small vulcan which i will glue back to the blue arm guard after painting.

For the white arm, another problem occurs with the elbow joint. So I trimed off the internals, added pla plates to act as a base when I glue back the elbow joint after painting.

Till the next post!


8 thoughts on “Hi Nu Gundoom Wip 1 – Dealing with the arm seamlines

  1. This looks like a really cool kit! I initially thought it would be a complete knock-off like TT Hongli but they’ve made an awesome version of the Hi-Nu.
    All the best with your build Chubbs! 🙂

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