Hi Nu Gundoom Snapfit!!

Thanks to fellow bloggers Syful, Zoidiect, Rndm and Charles I finally caved in and took the plunge in this latest model kit from Model Comprehend, the Hi Nu Gundoom. Its based on this resin kit (Source from Rndm’s Gundoom review). So now I have joined in their unofficial group build of sorts 😛

Personal thoughts. Having build it for myself, I can say its better than Bandai’s HGUC version in everyway…just the sculpt itself is already win. Plus it comes with tons of accessories and additional super robot type features haha…. I was so excited just finishing the main body I couldn’t resist snapping a few pictures ^^

For those who are interested, I got it locally at Hobby Kulture.

Till the next post!


46 thoughts on “Hi Nu Gundoom Snapfit!!

  1. I think…. this is the first I’ve seen the really clean Gundoom (without panel line, modification, or painting). The first pic looks great chubs. 🙂

    • haha ah I see you already completed your gundoom! It is indeed a poisonous kit lol….too epic a kit to cave in to!!

  2. haha never knew I somewhat infected you with this and I just built the Nu version of this not the Hi-Nu 😀

    this is also the first time I saw this guy on its plain form with no linings and stickers and I feel the pain of panel lining this from what I experienced..

    do enjoy detailing this monster of a kit 😀

    • Hehe based on your Nu Gundoom’s details I can see that this will be a great buy hehe! Of course the panel lining will be quite tedious but I think the payoff is great when you take pictures of your completed kit!

      Can’t wait to start tonight!!! Vroommm….gunpla engine ignited!!

    • Haha well its not a mainstream kit like bandai hehe. Don’t think it will fall under model kit of the year 😛

    • HAha….I think its a problem with a lot of modellers 😛 What I do is i only display those that i currently like and rotate again with the old kits in storage according to my mood 😛

    • haha not really actually. I sacrifice some sleep to get some work done for my hobby 😛 Usually by the time i put baby to sleep around midnight, I work on my gunpla till like 1 or 2 am hehe.

      But somehow knowing how precious the 1 plus hour is every night, I end up becoming more productive!

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    • Haha, that is problem with such detailed kits. Its just simply build and paint! But there are some nice spots for details as Syful pointed out to me ^^ Will do some extra detailing on those parts

  4. I found the articulation on the HGUC model better than this but the color separation is pretty good despite the huge sheet of foil stickers this guy came with. I also found the water slides and overall plastic to be quality stuff as well, almost in-between Kotobukiya and Bandai’s quality.

    Speaking of panel lines, what would you prefer in terms of colors (not counting the traditional black/dark gray)? Blue would look nice but I don’t think it’s going to be that good, green kinda looks out of place but it gives a unique “glowing psychoframe” vibe.

    Does Strike Freedom has psychoframe? NO
    Can Strike Freedom create barriers out of it’s DRAGOONs? NO
    Does Strike Freedom has a Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher? NO
    Can Strike Freedom push back a giant asteroid base and save the world? NO
    Total proof that Nu/Hi-Nu Gundam is better than the Strike Freedom (please don’t get mad at me).

    • Haha you have valid points as to why hi nu is a better mobile suit! As for me I don’t really like to compare which bot is strong than which bot. Just like the design and engineering behind the kit ^^

      Hmm to be honest, I don’t think any other color other than grey / black will look good as a panel line. You are definitely right on the plastic quality being superior to kotobukiya.

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