SD Wing Gundam Review

The SD Wing Gundam Ver Ka (Or BB Senshi no 366) is the latest SD from Bandai that arrived this month. Being a lover for all things small and cute I couldn’t resist picking this up from Hobby Art Gallery when I saw the last two boxes there haha. Plus the design is the Ver Ka makes it a highly irresistible kit to own ^^

(I absolutely love this box art. Its pose is entirely the same as its MG counter part.)

First up a little bit of history from Gundam Wikia

“To hold with the designs seen in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Endless WaltzHajime Katoki redesigned the original Gundam’s. The first one he redesigned was Heero Yuy’s Wing Gundam. The redesign was still capable of transforming into a Neo-Bird mode. The redesign look significantly more similar to the Wing Zero Custom. In addition to cosmetic change, Katoki’s Wing Gundam can hold spare energy capsules for the buster rifle in each forearm, increase buster rifle usage to nine shots in single sortie.”

Out of the box

My initial impression after doing the snap fit was wow. Not only was the sculpt really nice and sharp, the proportion is great and the color separation is  really very good.  Its good to see Bandai taking its SD up to another notch. For more idea on how the unpainted version looks like, you can check out the awesome pictures at Hakkacha.

So far a summary of what I have done to give this kit its current look.

1) Added vents to the face plate, raised the neck and extended the ankle mobility. (SD Wing Gundam Ver Ka Wip 1)

2) Painted most of the missing colors with gundam markers and toothpicks.

3) Panel line with gundam markers

4) Used old decals from exisiting kits. Note there are 3 zoid decals in it! (See if you can spot them!!)

5) Top coated with Flat Acrylic Top Coat (Less hazardous to your surroundings hehe)


Accessories includes the clear blue stand, the buster rifle, the shield and 2 sets of spare energy capacitors that you see mounted on the forearms.

The buster rifle is really highly detailed!


This is the first SD that I have encountered that comes with a double ball joints for the neck. Its give a pretty nifty range of motion.

Usually for SDs, you will need to mod the waist in order to get such articulation and I am surprised to find this included in this SD.

The wings are also ball jointed. But do refrain from playing around with the wings too much as the joints are plastic and will wear and tear with time.

The leg is able to arch backward. But you will need to mod the ankles in order for the toe to point at a steeper angle.

Action shots!

Bird mode

His bird mode transformation is fairly simple. Just simply slot in the shield and buster rife at a slot behind the head. The arms will have to do a bit of twisting.

MS Mode

No weight issues so far with both the shield and buster rifle ^^ Able to hold up fairly well with no signs of sagging.

Buster Sword Mode 😛

Bandai interestingly included this little nifty gimmick. Take the wings, shield and combine with the buster rifle, and you’ll get a melee based Wing gundam 😛

To sum it up…

Get this kit!!

Till the next post!


38 thoughts on “SD Wing Gundam Review

    • Hehe you know i am a sucker for swords 😛 Plus its such a splendid looking thing I can see no reason not to have it haha!!

  1. tempting… tempting……
    It looks very good with the chubbs method of gunpla

    chubbs, you still remember the gaia paint? ^^

    • Ah so sorry….I forgot about it!!! Let me know if you are free this saturday. I pass you the paint after work ^^

    • Hehe Katoki redesigns are always that awesome haha! Now that you mention it, it really does look like the Astray sword lol!!

    • Thanks! This one is really a good SD to grab! But will require some fair bit of painting to look color accurate!

  2. I remember using this unit on SRW (forgot which game), so far it’s one of the deadliest of all.
    Now, there’s Wing Gundam (TV) and Gundam Exia, Heero and Setsuna will be best friends…

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