SD Wing Gundam Ver Ka WIP1

Recently got this really nice SD kit from Hobby Art Gallery. Couldn’t resist snapping it and doing a bit of mods on it Β to ease myself back into Hobby after and unoffficial hiatus! First up the red portion of the face is really detailed for an SD! You can see the internal parts circled in green. I intend the open the vents on the face to reveal the inner details.

Drilled 3 small holes and then clean up using scapel and penknife.

Don’t really like the current angle of the neck. I raised it up with pla plate by 1mm.

Currently the leg does not flip backwards as much as i like. I carved out some parts of the leg to allow for a more angled leg position ^^.

Attached to small pla plates to the leg peg so to allow for a larger angle when the leg flips down.

Such a beautiful SD…will be detailing this with gundam markers next!

Till the next post!


41 thoughts on “SD Wing Gundam Ver Ka WIP1

  1. Nice mods, I’m surprised that they have a full face behind the mask. I’ll probably buy this SD since I love all the details and plus it transforms too!
    Have a nice weekend Chubbs πŸ˜€

    • Haha thanks! I was surprised at the inner details too! Actually if you cut of the head lens camera you can actually reveal the internal camera for the red part!!

      Happy fathers day to you mate! Guess its our first haha!

    • Ah have you seen the movie version? The endless waltz version is pretty epic! Plus all the new mg wing gundam releases so its really good timing πŸ˜›

  2. Nice mod-job on the SD WIng, and making openings on the vents, that’s pretty brave as a slight mistake will… orz

    Dammit~! You’re tempting with this SD… Then again… MC just announce their latest SD in July, the SD Sentinel… THAT is a total headshot to me…

    • A slight drilling mishap i’ll be having full open vents πŸ˜›

      Haha I just saw that kit…man…at the rate MC comes out with these kits i’ll have to keep a look out for their awesome SDs! So far do you have any review links for their SD nightingale?

    • Haha trust me…this SD is really good, not only in terms of sclupt and color seperation, the articulation is really good!

  3. wooo good job with the mods there! those small adjustments makes a big difference with these little guys. man, i need to update my blog Lol

    oh and happy fathers day chubbs! πŸ˜€

    • Woah, welcome back bro! Was wondering where have you been haha! Missed reading your stuff.

      Thanks! Its my first father day haha…

      • thanks chubbs! but i still think im in lurking mode πŸ˜› ive spent zero time on my hobbies these past months and i definitely miss the routine! the springtime of youth is failing meeee haha

        btw im still patiently awaiting the continuation of your nendo war saga πŸ˜›

        • Ah busy with work? Haha i also have been lurking a lot πŸ˜› But I decided not to do stories at least for the better part of this year….just concentrate on building and reviewing πŸ˜› As much as i would love to continue with our stories it takes up a lot of time which I can afford now haha…

  4. Ever thinking of Bandai milking money out of a retool of this (Wing Zero) or customizing one into it, does this has any elbow joints? And for a SD kit, the color separation is amazing right down to the wings and it pairs very well with the recent MG Wing Ver. EW, Western Gundam fans who watched Wing on Toonami rejoice!

    • Ah it has a very nicely design elbow joint! I am all for it if they ever decide to retool this and make a wing zero custom version! I’ll be saving my thoughts for a more detailed review later after I paint. Wip is almost 80% done. Right now deciding how to put on the decals !

    • thanks! keeping things simple will be better for me πŸ˜› If not this will end up in the gundam graveyard πŸ˜›

  5. The SD Wing ver. Ka looks crazy fun. Good timing too dude, I’m in the midst of refurbishing an old MG Wing ver. Ka with a new color palette.

    • Wow I can’t imagine myself changing the color scheme haha…its already very nice to begin with !! Indeed this SD is really good!

  6. so this is what you’ve been talking about the neck mod.. haha I couldn’t imagine what you were about to do

    such a cute little thing.. too bad he was not present on the con yesterday though 😦

  7. Very nice vent mod chubbs! Proportion became better too with the longer neck.
    So far the best SD from bandai? πŸ˜€

    • Actually sans the neck, the proportion I must say is one of the better looking SDs besides Sinanju haha! You are right though, this is the best SD I ever build from Bandai’s line πŸ˜›

  8. This SD Wing Gundam Ver Ka does look very detailed compared to other SD Gundam kits, even in just plain assembly. Btw nice little mods here and there!

    • heh thanks! Ah indeed, having build previous SDs and the earlier generation of SD Wing, this version actually is quite revolutionary! Probably I’ll save my thoughts for the review once I finished top coating and painting him ^^

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