A simple guide on making lens

I was working on my HGUC Nu Gundam when I realize I lost some of the green lens stickers. So instead of painting as I normally would, I decided to experiment using the left over foils to make up for my lost sticker.

Clean up my previous attempt at painting.

Cut out one small piece that just nice enough to cover the lens area.

Used a toothpick to press in the sticker as it prevents scratches.

Slowly trim off the excess with a hobby knife

Go over the surface with the green fax marker.

Panel line the surrounding area and there you have it! A cheap way to get some decent lens. (However still need to scrap of some of that excess paint …)

Also used it on the other lens area of my HGUC Nu Gundam.

Don’t throw that foil!

Till the next post!



29 thoughts on “A simple guide on making lens

  1. Eww… foil stickers. As clever as this trick may be I don’t I’ll ever be convinced to use foil stickers, just too cheap and tacky for my liking.

    • I know some guys don’t like using foil stickers and avoid them all the time 😛 But probably this might be useful for people who just want to make their snap fit a wee bit nicer hehe ^^

    • Its does for certain situation but I find that for things that require some sort of reflective surface, silver gundam markers with clear paint over them just couldn’t get the effect that I wanted. Plus the foil is a cheaper option lol since most of money has to go to milk powder 😛

  2. well some foils have their uses… good thing this is one of them..

    hmm maybe next 00 kit I will use those foils underneath the painted GN condenser instead of painting it chrome silver

  3. I use Wave’s H-Eye option parts for mono-eyes and use clear paint of my liking, mainly red, purple or green (some guy taught me so) for sensor lens, I use a similar trick as yours but with clear paint which doesn’t look as good but I kinda like it. Thanks for the 2cents.

      • Mini sized, normal sized and square shaped lens all cost Â¥250, large sized ones cost Â¥350, color varieties include clear, green and pink but I prefer clear. They also made rivets, verniers, sensors and polycaps, they came from a line called ‘Option System’, you can check them out here.
        They also made a lot of great model kits, definitely one of my top 5 model kit manufacturers.

  4. Interesting method.
    I tried that using my markers, but the results are kinda different. Maybe I should try experimenting with some other markers that I haven’t bought.

    • Thanks! Well i like experimenting with cheaper options 😛 If you have a chance experiment with clear paints on top of foil and see what results you can get!

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