Week Of Toy Photography 5 – Random Shots!

Here is my collection of random unused shots that I dug out from my library of pictures 😛 Just some random shots for this week! This first picture above is the grungrunst type 3 which I have yet to get to panel lining…

My favorite unit from the gundam 00 movie Zanbanya Gundam

A little nendoroid love hehe..

Revoltech Genobreaker stalking some prey from above!

My one and only Garo figure with the neck modded 😛

Look what my cousin’s dinosaur found for lunch….

I just can’t get enough of this pose….this is my favorite pose for my Revoltech Gunbuster.

My favorite Sci Fi revoltech Alien…

Last but not least some pictures of my son with his first gunpla lol…

100% concentration!!

Inspecting the runners…or more like looking at the bright colors haha..


Well thats all for this weeks photography! Will think of a theme for the next one haha…maybe grunt week?

Till the next picture!



44 thoughts on “Week Of Toy Photography 5 – Random Shots!

    • Haha well so far he has taken zaku F2000 quite well 😛 Not to sure I’ll start him with Beginning gundam…maybe the good old RX78 ^^

    • Hehe i got it at half price when Amiami had a sale 😛 Well trying to cultivate that interest in him early !!

    • Hehe must train from young to help me clear my stash haha!!! I think gunpla building is a very good hobby plus if he likes it at least we have something to do together in the future!

      • Age 0-4: Introduction
        Age 4-6: Snap-fit
        Age 6-10: Panel lining, painting and top coat
        Age 10-14: Modification, weathering, plastic-plating
        Age 14-16: Airbrushing
        Age 16-18: Garage kits
        Agw 18 : Pro modeller.

  1. Train him since he’s still very young and he’ll be more of a professional than you do, maybe he’ll learn how to build garage/resin kits years later after he mastered every single basics of Gundam plastic modelling. Out of every color scheme I found, light purple seems to be the most appealing for little kiddies that’s why he’s attracted to the runner shown to him.

  2. operation gunpla inception!

    baby –> snapfit
    pre school –> seamline removal and OOB build
    primary –> airbrush n modification
    secondary –> pro modeler

    hehehe, like father like son 😀

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