HGUC ReGz Completed

Finally after these few days I managed to complete my HGUC Re-GZ including taking the pictures and editing them. I must say this is one build that I enjoyed throughly! This will consist of my review followed by action shots.

First look out of the box

This is what you will get straight out of the box. Two beam sabers, the back weapon system (B.W.S) unit, one beam rifle, 2 beam sabers and connectors for the transformation gimmick. And a little bit of history from Gundam Wikia before we start.

‘The Re-GZ was an attempt from Anaheim Electronics to mass produce the MSZ-006R Z Plus R from the Gryps Conflict and the First Neo-Zeon War. The transformation mechanism was considered costly to mass produce and deleted in favor of a special Back Weapon System (BWS), which the Re-GZ was able to dock with to change to a Waverider-like form. Because the weapons of the Re-GZ cannot function when docked, the BWS is armed with additional beam weapons and missile launchers. Despite these changes, it was later decided that the Re-GZ was too expensive for mass production, so the project was canceled and only one prototype was completed.’

On a side note, it is the only mobile suit to have his own obituary photo haha….you can see it in this link (My favorite Keroro moment)

Close up shots from the top. I love the very thin antennae gives it a very sharp look. The paneling on the shoulder will need some cleaning up lol….this is what happens when you shoot too closely..all the defects just seem to pop out during the editing..

I really like the gun metal joints for the Re-GZ. Gives it a slightly heavy feel.

 This is one of my favorite detail part. All those thrusters showing beneath the leg armors!

I also pasted some left over stickers from my other older HGUC kits. By default these are not included with the HGUC Re-GZ and I am really glad I added those tiny bits of stickers to cover up the bare looking skirt armor and shoulder plate.

Being a slightly older HGUC kit, the head is not molded in once solid piece. Thats the most obvious seamline beside the ones on the shoulder and beam rifle.

Painted the pipes and exhaust with Silver gundam marker for some additional detailing.

The back thrusters can be flipped open revealing a fairly detailed back pack ^^.  If I not mistaken, this is similar to the one found in Stark Jegan.

The beam sabers are tucked away nicely in the back pack.


Articulation wise, its very standard.

Leg articulation is fairly good. However it is not able to do a very wide leg split. Due to the transformation gimmick, I really like it that the toes can be pointed down. Adds a lot of dynamism for the photos later on ^^.

Back Weapon System

The transformation is quite simple. Just fold in the shoulders, tuck in the legs and just snap the BWS parts on and you’ll complete the transformation.

Action shots!

Some beam saber action!

I love how tipping the toe down made this shot more dynamic.

Also, the forearms contain 2 missiles hidden inside ^^

Note though, by default the missiles aren’t painted. They come in nice blue colors…

I like it how everything is able to fit in nicely in the BWS mode. Even the rifle can be stored within the shield.

Some shots with my old HGUC Jegan….sexy green is sexy lol…

So happy that I got my shutter bug feeling back! Hope you guys enjoyed this little photoshoot of the Re-GZ!

Keep the gunpla fire burning!

51 thoughts on “HGUC ReGz Completed

  1. Hey man long time no see!
    Great pictures as usual and I love the plain white background, makes some of those shots look like they’re in the air. I like the color scheme for the ReGz more than the Rezel 🙂

    • Heh thanks bro! Ah the back ground actually is just my white table and the white wall 😛 Didn’t use any background.

      Trying to post whenever I get the opportunity to!

  2. The tail binder for the ReGZ is more related to the Zeta Gundam (the Stark uses a budget version). And this looks more solidly designed compare to the earlier 1/144 and it’s MSiA version.
    Too bad I have to skip this for two other kits coming in soon. =D

    • Hehe and cheap grab too! I got it for like $25 last year at a sale 😛 Never knew it looks that good straight out of the box!

  3. nice you’re touch is slowly getting back 😀

    its very true.. the ReGz is one of the good looking transformable MS prior to Char’s Counter Attack. it would be also nice if you have all the Zeta variants 😀 haha just joking

    • Thanks! Its great to be shooting again and getting the mood back haha! But i don’t think my wallet can take any more Zeta Variants haha…

    • Thanks man! Haha well my photography kind of took a back seat when my baby came out. Somehow after looking at my rezel shots I somehow got fired up for more photography hehe. I am sure you are one who enjoy posing your kits a lot too haha.

    • Thanks! Haha sorry for the lack of pictures and poses for the rezel 😛 Future reviews or shots will be 40 plus shots and above!!!

      Still my speed can’t even compare to yours! You are really fast (plus you paint your kits…)

    • Thanks! Hehe thats the beauty of not painting. As it not painted I don’t have to fear any paint scratching and I can push the photography further 😛 Since I can’t paint at the moment might as well have a blast at taking the photos haha!!

  4. Nice review on the Re-GZ! I always wondered how you are supposed to pronounce this in English, but the Japanese gives it somthing like “Lee-GaZee” (literal pronounciation-wise).

    The HGUC Re-GZ seems to be compared with its MG counterpart quite often, most likely due to the details it has here and there. Its close appearance to Zeta and still just as potent does move me a bit, and seeing Hobby no Toriko even modding it into a Re-GZ Custom moved me even further, but… We will see ^^;

    As for the markings… Are they from the Zaku F2? I too have used some that were leftover on my EX Model Jet Core Booster, and boy I still need to look at how to do weathering on this guy!

    • Thanks Quentin! I always pronounced its as it is written, ReeeGeezz haha.. I don’t know the official Japanese pronunciation so can’t really comment on that 😛

      The recent HGUCs have been quite fairly detailed but still the MG counter parts will definitely have more detail given their size. And yes the markings are left over from my Zaku F2 ^^. Man you are really sharp!!! Felt that the Re GZ is too plain and I am glad I have these markings with me! Personally I won’t go for weathering on the Re-GZ, just prefer the clean look.

    • Trust me its worth every single cent! I usually have a pillow underneath to support my camera as I don’t use tripods 😛

    • Haha cool! Think you can wait for the GSS sales 😛 Might be able to get him! Since I can’t paint I make it up with photography !

  5. Damn that looked better than I thought this kit would be.
    It’s kinda ironic that Re-GZ’s best weapon are only available to it when it’s in the BWS mode, and after ejecting the BWS, it’s only down to the beam rifle and small missile (it took out Alpha Ziel though, LOL).

    I really wish Bandai would release HGUC Re-GZ Custom in the future. The cool looks, a fully functional transformation system, and that AK-47 lookalike beam rifle is a win for me XD.

  6. I have a MSIA ReGz and after reading your post. I have a burning desire to get this get. It’s now rather hard to find this kit and I can tell how much you like this MS from all the poses you had captured. Those pics taken together with Jegan simply are awesome!

    • Hehe thanks Dennis! Haha best way to capture what I like about this kit is through pictures! That is why I have so many 😛 Just couldn’t resist adding Jegan into the mix since they are from the same series ^^

  7. Oooowww, now I kinda regret when I also saw one for about $25 (but I didn’t get it)…. I love the minimum seamlines on the ReGZ, the marking looks great there Chubb. 🙂

    • Thanks! Actually I didn’t think much of this kit too initially. I got it cos of the cheap price but little did i know it turn out to be one of my favorite UC kits ^^

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