If the world ends today, where will you be?

There has been this news going around that says the world will end today 21/05/2011. Interestingly today is also the one year anniversary of my marriage lol. Time sure does fly when I look back at last may. Β Here I am now with my wife and my son sleeping beside me as I type this, I can’t help but feel a sense of bliss and calm. I want to thank god for blessing me with such a wonderful wife and also a happy little bundle of joy my son Warren.

Then on the topic of the End of the World. Does it always have to end in destruction, chaos and world wideΒ catastrophe? What if the End of the World would simply meant the end of an era like the dark ages or the golden era of mankind. And can one actually foretell when the world will end when we can’t predict accurately when an earthquake might happen? Chances are, probably I’ll live to see Transformers 3 when it hits the cinemas in June and live to see the day when Bandai releases an MG Kshatriya haha….

Then again, if the world does really end tonight, you can count fully I’ll be at home with my wife and son beside me while I snap fit my Keroro secret base set.

So where will you be tonight?


58 thoughts on “If the world ends today, where will you be?

    • Awesome…too bad I can’t catch the show at this point in time πŸ˜› Have to wait for the DVD!!

      Thanks for the congrats bro!

  1. for me that news was just a waste of time.. I’m Christian but they give The Bible a bad name through their acts.. which depresses me.

    but anyways congratulations on your 1st year, I remember lurking on your blog about this month too but didn’t posted any comments for a good while.. πŸ˜€

    but if the world really ends a midst of all of this I’ll be home with my dogs and my family building Quan[T] altogether..

    • Thanks bro! Haha but we do chat quite a lot of FB anyway πŸ˜› So far I don’t see it as something negative, I just find it amusing though that anyone can predict the end times.

  2. Oh, don’t me that… you actually believed in that garbage?
    First, there was the 2012, and now… this.

    Seriously, those guys need a good WHACK to their heads (and their nuts, be it guys or girls).

    On a lighter note: happy anniversary, dude. Don’t let them false news get to you…

    • Haha no man, in no way I believe that the world would end but it did get me to reflect on my life thus far πŸ˜›

      And what better way to leave the wacking to a certain white visitor on your blog hehe..

  3. seriously? End of the world? such nonsense, I’d give them guys who spread those rumors a wash with a baseball bat annnnnnddddd torture display parading down the street!

    happy anniversary bro!! I’m sitting facing my laptop while my daughter is trying to smash the keyboard haha

    • Haha thats awesome..so far my son is grabbing the RG booklets πŸ˜› Thanks bro!

      Anyway I am sure you have plenty of ideas when it comes to torture buahaha….

  4. happy anniversary πŸ˜€

    now, what maths did those idiots used to get that date.
    what if doomsday is today? i am here, typing this comment because it wouldnt be happening as it is not Friday

    • Thanks! Well since I am here replying that means their maths is way wrong lol…..

      Might as well just ask my son do some dart throw on a random date πŸ˜›

  5. End of the world would probably translate as the end of the chaotic world of corrupt government we have now.

  6. Happy anniversary! πŸ˜€
    If the world were to end today… wouldn’t the Rapture hit Asia first since they’re 12 hours ahead? This end of the world concept doesn’t make sense…

  7. I say if we die, we die. so tbh I don’t really care lol… the real problem arises is when it’s the end of the world but you survived the catastrophe! :S

    • Hmm….that will be a situation that I would find both scary and also exciting! Imagine being alone in this big vast new world and starting from scratch….

  8. Well it’s not exactly the end of the world, supposedly we were meant to see all the faithful christians run off to heaven leaving behind all the non-believers. I tried pulling off a prank this morning which involved placing a shirt, jeans and a pair of shoes all together, leaving the impression I was taken away, outside my house.

  9. Happy anniversery~!
    I’m going to be at a friend’s birthday party. Fancy having the End of the World on your b-day!

  10. Happy Anniversary bro πŸ˜€

    Talking of apocalypse well every human will eventually die don’t know when and why, world not ended today but we might die anytime, yeah earthquake,accident,fire,sick who knows

  11. The end is near, we shall see the sign but I don’t think its so soon either… so for now, don’t bother about rumors and future stuff… we can’t predict the future anyway but we can prepare for it though the most easiest thing to do now is to live life to the fullest today and make the best out of what we have coz we never knew if our end is actually long before the end of the world… just a careless moment crossing the road and with a little bit of bad luck, boom, we can be whacked by a speeding car and that’s it…. so why bother… live life, enjoy it while you can….

    • Well probably we might not even see the signs, it might just come without warning and the next thing you know you are not in this world already! Like you said it bro, enjoy while we can!!

  12. Congratulation on the anniversary πŸ˜€
    People who enjoy their life usually feels like everything happened yesterday. So I assume everyone here is having a good life ^^

  13. Happy anniversary! Sorry for the late greetings. ^^;
    We’re still here because of miscalculation, they say. O_0
    I’m happy just being with my loved ones as well.

    • Thanks for the well wishes Xine!! Nothing heartens me more than a nice little cuddle with my wife and son haha!

  14. It has been a while since I’ve visited your blog, sorry about that. Quite busy and preoccupied with other stuff this year so my blog reading time got really limited.

    At any rate, I’d like to wish you two things.

    Congratz on getting as on!
    Happy 1st anniversary! =D

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