Home alone

If you are wondering why I am able to do a post at this very time. Thats because my house is under renovation and well someones got to oversee that they do their work. Thank goodness that I can still use the internet if not i’ll be bored to death haha. Also a good time to pen some recent happenings around this blog.

As you all might noticed, I removed the pictures for the links. Felt that its taking up too much time to load and also lack for space as the links keep growing! Secondly, I am very happy to find out that someone actually requested an alternate ending to this old story. Hopefully I can find some time to complete the alternate ending.

Also, some work in progress though it isn’t much haha

Finished snap fitting the HGUC ReGZ. I must say, its as fun as building the Rezel but too bad it does not come with additional marking stickers. Would have added a nicer touch to the kit.

Also snap fitted one of the sexiest Jegan ever in production. The HGUC Ecos Jegan. I am so loving the colors straight out of the box! Kind of like those covert ops colors.

Also not forgetting about loots. I went by HAG(Hobby Art Gallery) to get my RG Strike and the new action base. I got a little bonus card from the lady boss at HAG haha.

I can put this nifty little post card into the new action base as a backdrop sweet! Thanks HAG!

With a little cash to spare, I manged to also grab something that I wanted a long time for a very good bargain hehe….Keroro Shoutai Set Plus!!! Now I have all five of them at one shot plus their secret base diorama!

Once again, I like to thank for all the support you readers have given me and thanks for putting up with my infrequent andΒ erraticΒ Β postings during this transitional period!

Well thats all for today!

Till the next post!


51 thoughts on “Home alone

  1. Finally done with the ReGZ, eh?
    EEEH~!? You too got yourself a a Jegan ECOAS type? D=
    Then again, I have all three types. =D

    HNNNG~! RG Aile Strike~! >.<

    • Haha a grunt lover’s must have collection!

      Not yet done with Regz…still have to touch up with some paint and also clean up some of the nub marks!

    • Hi Five mate! Haha just got to love this version of Jegan! I am sure with your painting skill you are gonna make it even better!

    • Haha well the strike will be on hold first till i finish the two current HGUCs. Even then I want to finish the keron set first haha!

  2. I thought the images on the blogroll are gone due to some error or something LoL
    The Keroro Shoutai Set Plus looks really fun, It’s been sooo long since I touch any keroro kits..

    • Haha no bro they are not rest assure you. I think down the road if there are too many links don’t think i can maintain that many pictures on the side bar lol!

      Oh its really a great set! Very fun for snap fit…and I just finish snapping Keroro last night for my wife πŸ˜› She has a soft spot for the green guy haha..

  3. oooooh my thats nice Action Base 4 + RG Strike that will be awesome πŸ˜€

    now that you have different transformable MS I imagine you will do a launch off of all of them someday πŸ˜€

    and yea means you are renting on a apartment nowadays?

    • Haha you remind me I need to take out my koto bases and put them in the hanger πŸ˜›

      Nah currently staying over at my mothers house this week. Will be shifting back this weekend!

    • Haha I have a funny feeling you will want to see the kero set first! Already done with their leader hehe…now for the other 4!!

    • Wow cool! Can’t wait to see your work in progress Dennis! You seem to be getting more and more into gunpla these few months haha…

    • Haha we have been chatting on facebook so its ok πŸ˜›

      Oh that tactical visor makes it a sexy kit πŸ˜› RG will be on hold for a while but argh..feel like just jumping the gun and build it!

  4. that’s quite a lot of loot!

    So now where are you staying? House renovation is quite a headache, so many things to consider ^^

    • Haha well….you only live once πŸ˜› Enjoy life to the max!

      Ah we moved back already. Luckily they did it quite fast cos the renovations were just minor ones! Now back to guplaing gero geroo….

  5. Jegan ECOAS Type is tempting… No I mean pretty tempting. Was kinda surprised that the colour tones are slightly different to that of the Loto under the same team.

    These guys literally are the special forces of the Earth Federation!

    • Ah thanks for pointing out the color differences! I thought they are the same colors! Just got to love the kits from Gundam Unicorn!! The grunts units are so sexy…

    • they don’t but if you need any help just bring your kit down and ask them! they will be more than willing to help!

  6. soo if for example i have no idea how to put decals or how to topcoat…i just bring the kit down, all the materials that i will need and ask them? πŸ˜€

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