A quick and easy way to thin panel linings

Today I am gonna introduce a little technique that I have been using to create the thin panel lining on my kits using just simple tools. I’ll be using my current Rezel commander to illustrate this little easy to use technique ^^. This will mainly be for snap fitters like myself who don’t the hassle of using enamel paint for the panel lining.

I’ll be using my favorite sakura micron 0.25mm lining marker.

To thin the line, I just use tissue paper and a toothpick hehe…

Wrap the tissue around your toothpick, of course its better to use fresh toothpicks for hygiene purposes πŸ˜›

Use your budding tissue toothpick combination and thin gently along the lines. The beauty of this is that the toothpick is soft, less likely to scratch the surface and also makes thinning the panel line easier.

There you have it, nice crisp lines!

Happy building!

Till the next post!


36 thoughts on “A quick and easy way to thin panel linings

  1. Ah, so that’s how you do it. Wonder if you could erase mistakes using whiteboard markers (which I’m often used)?
    A 0.25mm point… and I’m using a… 0.5mm permanent CD marker for my line paneling purposes. (hence the dalong-style lines) XD

    • dont worry, i used 0.5 cd marker too, just ensure that the ink is in the groove, then use toothpick to scrap them away. much more handier to use compared to eraser. did the same way for my gadessa, and it turns out very nice πŸ˜€

    • ah I am under impression that CD markers are oil base and harder to clean up. So far all the markers I used for the panel lines are the water based types which can be clean up easily πŸ˜›

    • Ah yes it does smudge if you use your fingers. Using this technique you can reduce the likelihood of smudging as its more precision based πŸ˜› If not you can use the water base gundam markers, those should work equally well.

  2. I am one of the lazy people who just use my fingers ^^;;;

    But toothpick + tissue is a good option. Besides for really minute detailing with colour Gundam Marker pens they are great to dap some of the paint onto the Gunpla (I know Ngee Khiong uses that sometimes ^^).

    • Haha that technique is very good. I think using the toothpick to paint works really good for those small figures that comes with mg kits.

      I am trying to avoid as much smudge on my hands, i’ll never know when my son will wake up lol!

  3. hmm might as well use the toothpick and tissue technique next time as I’m more use my fingers on my panel linings especially if the crevices of the kit is too thin for the marker to fit in πŸ˜€

    • Haha I used to use ear buds but they tend to just break up after a few strokes plus with all that cotton hair that we have to deal with πŸ˜›

    • Actually not only busy, but also less hassle in cleaning up compared with using enamel paint! Plus less smell haha..

    • Ah, cos i have my baby around so I am trying to avoid using any form of enamel or spirits …the smell can be quite overwhelming for a 2month old baby πŸ˜›

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