Rezel commander WIP 2

Took advantage of the long weekend to get my much needed progress on my HGUC Rezel Commander! This time round, as it will purely be a snap fit kit, I’ll just highlight some of the areas where I touch up with gundam markers to get give it a bit more detail πŸ˜›

I painted the vents white and the top part of the skirt grey.

Detailed the vents behind the legs with gundam gold and sliver markers.

Painted the yellow fin at the skirt area. Also used a black gundam marker to color the area surrounding it.

Painted the internals grey for the shoulder side vents.

Detailed the vulcans with silver gundam marker.

Painted the internals of the vent grey again. This is a bit messy though lol..

Scrapped off the excess paint with my hobby knife. Be gentle when you do this lest you damage the surface!!

Now putting the main body together! Backpack here i come!!

Till the next post!!!


35 thoughts on “Rezel commander WIP 2

  1. Getting nicely done, there, especially the piping and vents behind the calf.
    Also, don’t forget to paint black at the side skirt armour’s verniers (the triangular shape indentations).

    • Actually it was meant for the storage of the beam rifle in MA-mode, still, better than where ReGZ beam saber placement in the original 1988 OVA (hint: the worst inconceivable place of all), which was fixed in the MG and HGUC kits.

    • Ah what i did was used the black panel line marker (oiled based) and trace out the V shape. In that way its looks neater without having to scratch!

    • HAha bro, take job in the simple little stuffs that we do for gunpla. Now that I am back to snap fitting, I must say it brought back my initial joy of building gunpla again!

  2. Hi Chubbybots, you have a great blog, great pictorial guides on assembling those Gundam models. Would you be interested in a link exchange? Let me know to send you info on my site ^^

  3. really envious how you could spend a few hours and get half of the entire kit done.. to be honest.. my Zabanya is still incomplete since the day i got it[months have passed]..
    and i still stuck at the painting process only.. i fail ==”

    • Painting will be harder though. Mine is just snap fit with minor detailing. I know painting will need a lot of preparation works especially if you are doing air brushing!

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