Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen Review

Thanks once again to Bmecha, I have started my free fall down into a very deep well. This is my second acquisition from Bandai’s Super Robot Chogokin line and I am pretty much stoked to get more from this line in the future. The box is a very simple packaging which I won’t go into detail, what I am more interested is that guy on the inside inching to drill his way out 😛

Alteisen comes with very few accessories. 2 open plams, 2 special effect parts and a small holder to connect to the action base.

The arm can move up to 90 degs. The shoulder armor itself can also be moved but within a small radius.

Being a heavy armored unit, I am quite surprised by the degree to which the leg can split. Quite a generous range I must say.

Some close up shots. Got to love the sharp head sculpt.

All thrusters can be moved individually!

Just love the gloss metallic red against the matt black parts…sexy legs are sexy lol…

Some action shots!

Alteisen’s claymore attack!

Surprisingly, the tamashi stage act 4 can support Alteisen’s weight lol…

Gwad, just love those effect parts…really makes Alteisen come to live!

Having transition into a father recently, I am glad Bandai is releasing kits from the Super Robot genre as I don’t think I have the time or patience to make a kotobukiya kit look good. Plus this version is actually cheaper than Kotobukiya’s latest progressive version of Alteisen. I am looking forward to collect more from this line up. Speaking of line up…..SRC Gaogaiger is next buhahaha!!!

Till the next post!

36 thoughts on “Super Robot Chogokin Alteisen Review

  1. it looks sturdy even though it looked a little top heavy. plus the effect pars really gave it life 😀

    though I’m not that familiar with the Alteisen this one looks really good 😀

    • Ah the legs are actually quite heavy…feels like diecast metal in them which is why Alteisen can still be so sturdy despite the top heaviness 😛

    • Hehe the paint job is really superb for this release! I am keeping my fingers cross for his superior cough zengar to appear buahahha!!!

    • Lol uncle heathorn…he ain’t that old i am sure of that lol!!!

      Ah its height is about the same as a 1/144 Nu Gundam!

      • Speaking of which, you can (I haven’t) put the Revolving Stake’s effect part into the barrel of the cannon (forgot the name) on the left arm backwards for a coolsome blast effect. Let’s hope that Bandai will soon make a figure of Huckebein “Gundam-wannabe” Mk. II after a lot of retro entries *cough*Mazinger Z, Raideen, Great Mazinger*cough* in the SRC line.

        • Ah, I get what you mean, but don’t thinks its possible with the stake effect parts. Got to have something sticking out in order for it to be slip on to. Maybe using those effect parts from revoltech might be better with some blue tag 😛

          Ah they already have the huckebin mkIII but its ver KA. Seems like SRW line will appear in either these 2 lines but i am sure they won’t don’t a dual release which might eat into their own sales.

          • Someone who says that Alteisen is a Real Robot makes me think that Seravee Gundam is a Super Robot, maybe that or maybe Tieria is a Super Robot fan or something because I can hear him saying things like “GN Field!” or “HYPER BURST MODE” which might translate to “STONAAAH, SUN SHIIINE!!!!!”.

            • Haha Tieria’s full burst mode is already bordering on super robot type weapon. Plus saying out all the move names prior to using them is very super robot like 😛

              I always thought of Alteisen as a super robot. Never occured to me that its a real robot!!

  2. Uwah.. awesome..
    this reminds me.. I saw this guy at my local toys fair, want to buy it but quite surprised with the price..
    Now, I’m falling in love with Composite ver Ka Lancelot Albion, but it seems it’s already discontinued everywhere..

    • Ah to be honest, I thought i was expensive at first but once you hold this baby in your hand, you will find that its worth every penny!

      Oh, Lancelot is released for quite some time already probably thats why its hard to find. Maybe you might want to check out Ver Ka Cybuster 😛

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  4. uhhh……should I buy this…..weiss is coming next…..
    so glossy that we can see the reflection of the photographer on the calf 😀

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