Snapfitter’s Diary Entry 1: Joys of a snap fitter

Today is one of those rare moments in time where our new born son actually slept through the night with a 4 hour stretch. I took out my HGUC Rezel Commander without hesitation and decided to churn out the top half. This is an opportunity not to be wasted!

My usual work desk has now been invaded with all manners of baby equipment. Nevertheless I must build no matter what. So to keep both my desk and place clean, I took the bottom half of the box, opened one side and do all my cutting and scraping in it. Not only it helps keep the small little flakes of plastic in check, but it also really helps in preventing parts from flying of the table!!! Of course ignore those 2 orange ears popping up..must be some spy….

And for once, I decided to use the stickers for some extra details to my little snap fit project. I must say, these stickers are a big plus. Didn’t expect to see these included since we didn’t get any for HGUC Kshatriya and Sinanju. Thats the plus point of buying grunt kits hehe..

Surprisingly, the stickers work like a charm. With a little toothpick, I went over the surface of the sticker so that it won’t look as white on the edges. From far, its not that noticeable besides that sexy 007 number of some secret agent…

So far I have moved from one insane week to the next lol. Finally I see some respite from the late nights. Plus my son is finally making some weird cute endearing a baby cat’s meowing. Must be my wife’s liking for cats that might have passed on to him somehow.. cats aside, compared to my earlier snap fit days where I can build kits in under 2 hours, now I take every single nub mark and go through them as carefully as possible. Plus I take even greater care when i cut them out from the plastic sprues. Even though the build is slower, but I feel that the build is much more fulfilling. In fact I missed those days of just happily snap fitting without having to worry about detailing or seamline removal. Reverting back to the very basic joy of snap fitting is a wonderful experience and a great change of pace.

Hopefully later I’ll get more time to do up the lower half of my Rezel!

Till the next post!




46 thoughts on “Snapfitter’s Diary Entry 1: Joys of a snap fitter

  1. Ah… ninja building while baby sleeps, ze? =D

    Ah, the ReZEL, a fine kit with nice details, and the Commander version looks great in MA mode. Just watch out for joints that will become loose.

    Till the next ninja post, happy building. =D

    • Hehe must be slient and quick ninja build! If not any slight disturbances will send the baby wailing lol!!! Definitely feel much better snap fitting…almost thought I had to give up the hobby once my baby came out!

      Thanks for the tip on the loose joints! You mean the leg joints in this case or the shoulders?

    • haha a must get hg kit i must say! The stickers are quite a good bonus i must say! HGs these days really are value packed!

  2. ah those days, where you build on your own leisure and at your own pace..

    I really like the look of the ReZEL kinda what you will imagine if Zeta and Methuss have a baby themselves xD, really sucks that they can’t fully incorporate a transformable frame for a HG bt all in all a great kit

    • Actually I prefer kits without transformation. Usually transformable kits tend to have either a weird proportion or loose joints. I rather have a solid frame. Plus i prefer most of my kits in MS mode haha! Great way to put rezel’s origin in perspective!!

  3. You should need to build in your own room later on. When I was a kid and my little sister (Age: 0.5) is sleeping peacefully, I played drum loudly in my room, but it doesn’t set her off which made me think that she was deaf, which she was not.
    “Must be my wife’s liking for cats that might have passed on to him somehow..”
    Inheritance is always funny.

    • Haha, well I am building a my computer room for now. Babies have quite a thick ear wax, so even if you played something really loud it will sound muffled to them. Gradually as they grow older the wax will thin and they will be more aware of the noises around em!

      • I thought your little angel is very sensitive towards the slightest annoyances.
        You should pick the Master Grade ReZEL, it’s better and you can display it with all of it’s accessories.
        If Bandai made a poll on a future Master Grade, which one will you choose, the Delta Plus or the Kshatriya?

        • Ah once he is into this deep sleep its okay to snap fit around him haha. I don’t really fancy MGs in particular due to their size and pricing. HGs have really improved these few years ever since gundam 00.

          Haha i’ll definitely pick Kshatriya. Hopefully they can have a sharper sculpt like the ones we see in the SMS resin version!!

          • I’ll pick Delta Plus if it happens, a great homage to both the Hyaku Shiki (Takuya mentioned it in episode 2 of Gundam Unicorn) and the Zeta Gundam. Since Zeta Gundam is also the first Gundam show I watched in Japanese (I’m always stuck with the Toonami versions of Gundam Wing and the 08th MS Team back then) and eventually became one of my all-time favorites along with Gundam Wing. I would usually pick up models for sentimental purposes such as the MG Wing Gundam Zero Ver. EW since the 1/100 HG (Bandai America issue) version was my first Gundam model kit, so I’ve became a huge fan of the Delta Plus because the Hyaku Shiki and the Zeta Gundam are my all time favorite designs.

  4. Its a good sign that your baby now starting sleep longer at night. Try feeding him more in the day and I am sure by the night, he will sleep longer. 🙂

    • I’ll custom made one feeder that will feed him 24/7 lol!! Just kidding. Its great to have him sleep longer now. At least we can have somewhat of a decent sleep 😛

    • Haha thanks! Great to be back doing a bit of what we love 😛 Wait till the next unicorn screening with the good discount to grab the rezel!!

  5. “My usual work desk has now been invaded with all manners of baby equipment.”

    This sums up recent developments perfectly! I think you should give this line, or a variation of it a bit more prominence by making it the blog’s new tagline!

  6. I know how you feel buddy, my table and cupboard had to make room for the babies nappies and accessories , hehe. I finally was able to snap together my Hazel custom last night, but theres still some work to be done , might so it next week when I get another opportunity like this 😉

    • haha buddy, glad I have you for company and even better that you also found your little space for your hobby! Having all this little time makes me even treasure whatever time I have!

      I plan to get some extra cheap plastic shelves so that i can clear the table lol! It will be a busy weekend again for me!

  7. You are right chubbs. I’m going to just snapfit my MG red frame >.<
    4 hours sleep is already considered long, I can't imagine how busy things are on your side now
    add oil chubbs!

    • Thanks bro!! Haha MGs are very good for snap fitting. Just look at what Z has done with his! No paint just spam top coat and enjoy!

      Thanks for the encouragement! Doing my best to juggle every thing!

    • Haha already past the first month ^^ Haha I already cleared last month. So hopefully I can clear half of my stash in no time 😛

  8. One side open off a box… yeah that might work!! I’ll do that to! 😀

    Yeah I liked those numbers & logos stickers, made those mass produced units more personal.

    Two years from now you’ll probably start worrying where to put the figures and plamos, if you know what I mean.
    Hang in there man 🙂

    • Hee glad you like that tip! Haha you can always change the numbers to your liking! Using all those different numbers will help you differentiate all your grunts! Well that will be a problem 2 years down the road lol but my hobby passion won’t die!!!

  9. Ah, you got commander type? looks good!

    Life as a dad can be pretty hectic, huh? well at least you managed to find some time to snap fit your kits 😛 I’m pretty much on a gunpla hiatus now =/ I blame the earthquake for screwing my courses up ._.

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    • Haha thanks! So far been trying to adjust. Luckily I have my mom to help out once in a while that gives me a little bit of time to play haha!

  11. Nice to know that you still manage to find time to build Gunpla there! I did hear the beginning is quite tough as babies do wake up and cry a lot during the night, but it seems that you still have some moment of peace now and then~

    You have a good point about how grunt units tend to have a lot of nice unit marking stickers, which reminds me of my Zaku F2. Really like the tilted EFSF and 007 on the ReZEL there!

    • Yep the beginning was very tough, in fact tougher than I imagine lol. But so for now getting the hang of things so hopefully things will get better 😛 Thanks! Glad you like my decal placement! This year seems to be a year for grunt units…so many gms and jegans coming out!

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