Revoltech Genobreaker – Completed

Took some time off today and finally managed to squeeze in sometime to take some photos of my completed Genobreaker. It is my virgin attempt at touching up the Genobreaker with gundam markers and panel lining. I must say, I think the additional work really brings out the details. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures! Sorry for not having the time to do a proper setup for the photography this time round. Really busy with both work and personal stuffs šŸ˜›

I gave this particular region more of my time due to the exposed internals.

Well so looking forward to maybe embark on a full repaint next time!

Till the next post!


32 thoughts on “Revoltech Genobreaker – Completed

    • Haha well its actually not on the floor but the low lying table šŸ˜› Luckily its only my wife but when my son pops out I better be taking pictures high ground!!

    • Hehe well I am tempted to actually top coat Genobreaker initially. But since I already done with the painting i’ll maybe try it on the next revoltech šŸ˜›

  1. I got both, I think both toys fit together and will become perfect playmates together. But when it comes to Zoids, I’ll go with the Kotobukiya plastic kits.

    • Heh thanks! Trying to improve on their paint job haha šŸ˜› You do have a few revoltechs if I am not mistaken. Maybe you might want to try on them hehe.

  2. damn he looks even cooler now, great idea and nice job on the touch up chubbs!

    this should get more people to touch up completed kits that they buy since it makes a nice difference.

    • Heh thanks man! Ah hope like you said this can get others to touch up their stock revoltech kits. But I won’t do this to my nendos though haha, they already have a good paint job ;P

    • Heh thanks! Wanted to give a little personal touch to my Genobreaker haha. Ah I didn’t get liger though, don’t really fancy that design šŸ˜›

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