Concept Mecha Group Build – Ikimasu!!

After finishing joining ZD’s Sinanju Kick group build, now I embark on another crazy adventure. This time round its organize by MAC forums and surprise, it isn’t a gundam group build but instead we will be building stuff like these babies…

Taken from Concept Robots

Robots from Portal2.

Done by Rzero1 in the MAC forums.

Its really a refreshing change from OOB Gundam kits. Plus I hope to be able to learn from the other guys in the forums! Well the date due is June! Better get my head cracking on this! For more info, check out this link on DC23!!

Till the next post!



33 thoughts on “Concept Mecha Group Build – Ikimasu!!

  1. Me thinks I wanna check my store room for any scrap metals or plastics I can make something out of it with… LOL

    I feel like I wanna join.. But got pending backlogs =.=’

    • Haha screw the backlogs and just jump right in!! This is a one of a kind group build which I am sure will kindle your imagination. Maybe you can make hoisan’s very own mech 😛

    • ah not really scratch builds, just pieces of everyday stuff, it can be just the simple coke can with aluminium foil wraps 😛

    • Haha he does have some very original gunpla creations haha. But unfortunately I won’t be able to use them here as we are trying to make the mecha as un gundam like as possible!

    • Ah probably you might have seen it from the big man Fichten Foo himself! I know he does some builds similar to what we have in mind here!

  2. interesting! good luck, i look forward to seeing your creation. and if i recall correctly you purchased a book a while back with some nice organic mech type designs in it, so im expecting something crazy 😀

    • Ah, actually that book was borrowed from the library!! Probably go back to them for some referencing again. And since I have until June, I won’t be going for a simple design. I want something challenging this time round 😛

      Like you said, haha i’ll be crazy on this one!

    • Thanks! Ah I was thinking of something bio mecha from Aikra 😛 I have my sketches done out, now still finding the parts to match!

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