Revoltech Genobreaker – Touching up with Gundam Marker

I recently acquired from Amiami the Revoltech Genobreaker at 50% discount. For a long time ever since it was released I always wanted this version since its way lots cheaper than the HMM Genobreaker (Kotobukiya). With a 50% discount, my fingers just click the buy button immediately. But being a revoltech, I was afraid of the paint job and when I opened up the actual product I was quite disappointed with the paint job.

The internals are actually very detailed. But with one single gloss black as the internals you can hardly see it from the photos. So what I’ll be trying to do is using gundam metallic markers for internals and a sakura micron pen to do the panel lining.

As these are close up shots, you will notice that the paint is very rough due to the rubbery texture of the internals. But heh it beats just having an all black internals! Doesn’t do justice to all those details that they put in!


Surprisingly, Gundam markers and adhere quite well to the surface as if its regular gunpla plastic. Hope you guys enjoy reading this post!


Disassembling is easy…..but the clean up is…..

Till the next post!



40 thoughts on “Revoltech Genobreaker – Touching up with Gundam Marker

  1. So this is the Revoltech in question and at… 50% DISCOUNT?! Holy potato chips, batman!

    You’ll find this guy is pretty amazing when it comes to posability. =D

  2. WAH! i din think of that!! haha.. yes.. i do own one of these too.. keke. jus tt it isn’t posted up.. wahhh.. now tt i know, i have tat my genobreaker is incomplete!!! nooooo.. hafta take time off to paint them now.. lolx.. very nice details you’ve touched up there! gonna rampage thru my markers now too….

    • Wah Ren!!! How many ninja grabs did you get without posting em lol!!! Go quick paint em!!

      A tip from me though and its specific to the genobreaker. Metallic red marker matches the red color on the genobreaker. Good for touching up mistakes πŸ˜›

  3. huwaw looks a lot menacing with the paint job now…

    that’s what I’ve noticed with the guys that made the Revoltechs everything looks great exept for the paintwork.. they miss some of the minor details of the kit to make it look better..

    wonder what will happen if Goodsmile were to make these Revoltechs.. I’m guessing a tad more expensive πŸ˜€

    • haha, then we will be getting nendoriod genobreakers then! Actually the details are really good for the genobreaker. With a bit of effort on the paint job using the gundam markers, I hope I can bring out more value of out this revoltech.

    • Haha personally I don’t recommend using revoltechs for customization cos its difficult to rectify if you made an error in the painting! Plus their surface is like rubber, making it quite hard to sand.

    • Haha you can try on your kamen rider πŸ˜› Maybe change their color haha!

      Maybe one day if you reach a point like me and not happy with the default figures, you might start painting them!!

  4. The only occasion where I can dare myself painting things is when there’s a plastic model kit (Bandai or Kotobukiya) that needs it.
    You should pick up Kotobukiya’s Armored Core model kits, I’m sure that you’ll have a lot of fun painting one.

    • Hmm I did gave kotobukiya armored core a try once. Its quite challenging to paint em! Too many parts haha….

      Probably in the future when I have garnered more experience I shall ever attempt another kit from that line. White glint though is very tempting…

        • Whoa cool, been wanting to give a shot again at doing that kit. How did you find the kit so far in terms of fitting and stability? So far I have some fitting issues with my kotobukiya Zoid kits.

  5. I just checked amiami and they also got the blade liger 50% off! Argh, not sure whether to get it though cause I need the money for something else. 50% off… dunnow if I’ll ever see it that cheap again in a couple of months time.

    • They have been offering this discount since last year. So far the stock has been quite slow moving so I am sure if you put it off now you still might be able to get it at this price within the next few weeks!

  6. Revoltech sure deserves more love, even though their finish and paint quality tend to be not as high as other competitive brands when it comes to action figures.

    This reminds me that I need to do some touch-ups for my Robot Damashii GM Sniper II (panel lining done, just need decals), RX-78-2 (need both lining and decals), and my gashapon Kshatriya!

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