HGUC Gouf Custom Wip 2

Just a little bit of updates on my Gouf custom. Been quite busy this week so didn’t managed to get much time to work on my kits or even much catch up on my friend’s blogs!! I already finished sanding the Gouf and here, I’ll be doing some simple panel line scribing on the lower half. First I mark up the areas that I wanted to do.

I first start off by scribing the two areas first with a scriber.

As I need to draw the middle line, I tape a pla plate along the line and then scribed.

After scribing, just a 600 grit follow by a 1000 grit and sand over the surface. Also I used the edges of my sanding paper and sand inside the panel lines to get a cleaner look.

Also did some simple pla plating on the lower half of the legs.

Also sharpened all the spikes and the head fin!!! Now he looks more menacing ^^Hopefully I can start detailing the upper half tomorrow if time permits!!

On a side note, I’ll promise to catch up on all you guys’ blogs out there soon!!

Till the next post!


44 thoughts on “HGUC Gouf Custom Wip 2

  1. Talk about coincidence! I was just thinking why you didn’t update this weekend and then I get an alert mail! 😀
    I like the work on the feet, looks almost like the MG version.

    • Haha thanks! Been busy with work and satisfying my wife’s late night craving for bitter gourd soup 😛 Pregnant ladies have their funny sides haha. I also feel bad for not updating this blog as much as I can but luckily managed to squeeze this little update out ^^

  2. I am avoiding any major plastic surgery at the moment lol! I realized most of the stuff where I did extensive mods I end up not finishing them… 😛 So I am gonna keep it simple and focus on painting this kit in some wacky colors haha.

    • Ah you’ll have to use the same reference lines. This can be done with tape where you can use it to align your position correctly! Of course its very hard to get both side perfectly symmetrical so practice!!

  3. ooh extra panel lines by a scribber never thought of that :D..

    and if I’m not mistaken are the feet attached the same way as the Masurao/Susanowo/Brave’s?

  4. awesome, now thats how it should be done! haha if only i have the patience to do those procedures in adding panel lines like you, my gouf wouldnt look so messy ^^; and i like the idea of using pla plate as a guide for scribing. are you going to do some hand painting with this guy too since there is some pla plate detailing?

    • haha well it is quite tedious and it can be quite a chore to follow all these guides lines lol…I think the challenge for panel lines is actually not to rush them. I took a solid half and hour to finish all 4 panel lines for the foot. One thing i didn’t mention was that the pla plate is a 0.5 mm thick, its able to bend and conform to the area nicely!

      Yep I am gonna hand paint this sweet kit haha!!

    • The sharpening of the spikes took like an hour, the leg panel lines like half and hour and then the pla plates too like half and hour too to finish and clean up!!

    • I am still looking into how to get more panel lines in but without ruining the whole look of the kit. Because it has such large round surfaces and armor plates it does look quite plain at this scale.

    • Haha well it does take quite some time but once you do a fair amount of scribing it does get easier. Usually I’ll tape across the whole feet, make 2 reference markings. These 2 will be my own reference line and then do the scribing from there!

  5. Wow, how’d you make those panel lines so neat? What kind of a tool do you use? I’m guessing not a hobby knife, but one of those thin saw things (not sure what they’re called)

    Looking good so far!

    • Ah i’ll put up a picture of that scribing tool that I used on the next post. Its a pen like object but with a retractable scriber. Quite a useful for scribing I must say! Also after scribing i sand the insides of the panel line with the edges of a 600 grit sandpaper, probably that is why it looks neater ^^

    • Woah cool! Next time if you head there again I recommend you getting the sanding sponge!! Its even better as a sanding tool since most of your HG kits are GM 😛

  6. Looking nice! I usually use a pencil to mark the panel lines, easy to erase when you are not satisfy, but it sometimes also erased by accident 😀

    You make me remember to work on my kit again LoL, I’ve been abandoning my kits and blog due to the tons of work…man, I miss my college days..

    • Thanks bro! Haha well the good thing about gunpla is that you can just pick them off from where you left off. Plastic can last quite some time haha!

      Haha well same for me, all that spare time that we can have while studying!!

  7. What’s pla plating?
    And your Gouf’s colors should not be altered. Plus, you can do some work to make the knees move a little more.

    • Nah I have this green color scheme in mind. I saw quite a nicely done version of the gouf in green in the hobby magazine so gonna attempt that. Pla plating is just adding a little bit of detail on the surface with more little bits of plastic.

      • For a guy who typically tends to shy away from snap-fit plastic models, there’s a lot to question in terms of doing detail work.

        • Well plastic is cheaper so even if you mod wrongly its easier to replace compared with completed figures. Takes some time to experiment and get all those detailing right.

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