HGUC Gouf Custom Wip 1

I decided to do the gouf for my next kit since its already sitting on my shelve snap fitted 😛 Of all the goufs out that, this is still my favorite design thus far. Sleek deadly blue mean machine…..

Gwad, don’t you just love that shield and barrel combination….

Some simple cosmetic mods that I’ll be doing includes sharpening all those spikes.

The big seamline on the shoulder is a big no no….that will have to go.

And one more smack right down on the legs. This one will require a bit of cutting for easier painting.

This will enable the leg joint to be reinserted back after painting 😛

The piece circled in the larger red circle is slightly movable but still limits the current range of movement of the gouf.

By cutting this, it enables a slightly higher range.

And this results in increased upward mobility of the leg! Maybe time to kick something again 😛

Gonna also do a bit of texturing work on some of the black parts.

Apply some tamiya thick cement over the area. Next use an old toothbrush and dab a few times over the surface.

Cheap instant cast iron look! Here is the link! Thanks again ZD for pointing  out that link to Ghost of Zeon ^^

Comparison between textured and non textured armor

Also did texturing on the chest piece.

And this nifty little gift from my wife for holding the pieces while I do the texturing…really helps in avoiding finger prints on the surfaces!!

Till the next post!!!


40 thoughts on “HGUC Gouf Custom Wip 1

  1. hoho, you in the spirit now 😀 oh yeah, the cast iron using cement, its from Red Comet of GhostOfZeon. hey, i hope you dont forget your Zulu lol. i stick with my thinned putty for texturing, easier control and undo too ^^

  2. Great idea!

    Here’s a thought. How about pouring some charcoal powder over it after you applied the cement and shake off the excess. to cover up the white bits of the cement and also add a lil’ more texture?

    Just a theory tho. havent tried it out yet… I used charcoal for my kit bashed Rx-78 two years ago. but that was to make it look dirtier =/

    • Lol, charcoal you say him, never thought of that but maybe i might experiment when there is a barbecue going 😛 Need to grab some of those leftover charcoal!!!

      I am thinking charcoal might be a bit harder to control for weathering. Is charcoal easy to remove if you find that you over weather bro?

      • haha I’m thinking if you take the charcoal bits and grind them it would be great for texture cus the sizes are different.

        For weathering I used the charcoal powder from the leftover charcoal pills I got from when I had diarrhea 😛 these are very fine so it’s pretty easy to wipe it off with your fingers ^^ What I do is I take a pinch of the powder, rub it between my thumb and index finger, and smear it over my kit. After that the excess powder will fall off and the rest will stick there. (not too sure tho cus I’ve only done it once and that was two years ago >.<)

        I’ll try to do a tutorial on that if I have time when I go back

        • Ah, this is something worth exploring man! Luckily I also have some leftover pills from last year : P Thanks for sharing this tip man!

  3. The mod that you’ve done for the skirt armour really makes want to the the Gouf B3 kit.
    But then, that’ll be in the future and not so soon. (as I’m waiting for a certain fastest reporter to come first).

    • Ah more articulation for more for your stories I see hehe ^^ I am also not really that happy with the articulation, the gouf needs more dynamic poses!!!

      Wait what is this fastest reporter?!

  4. very helpful tutorial there.. haven’t seen that kind of method for seamline removal I’ll give it a try once..

    from what era is this Gouf from?

    • Haha thanks! Nah its not perfect, I am sure there are many masters out there who are way better than me!

      Monkey business 😛

    • Not really a tutorial haha, just a wip and share the good stuffs 😛 Hmm still considering at this stage but I feel my handpainting needs more practice!!

  5. woot Gouf Custom! already doing awesome mods for the awesome kit 😀 thats a cool way to add some texture, i always attack with my trusty metal file to add texture but its not as noticeable.

    haha what a cute gift from your wife, because your always are monkeying around with your gunpla? lol

    • Haha thanks!! Speaking of the Gouf custom, I’ll be borrowing some of your panel line ideas man….yours is an excellent example!!! And you used the trusty metal file on the edges right?

      Lol, what a nice way to put it!! Monkey business = gunpla business!!

  6. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the cast iron effect. I think the texture of high grit primer, like metal primer or something, buffed just slightly, looks much better. It still maintains the dimple effect, but it’s less dramatic, so it looks better on smaller scales, I think.

    • Ah probably because I haven’t gone through a round of sanding yet, hopefully it will sit well with you after that haha ^^ But I love this method because its so simple to do considering I only have like a hour each night for my gunpla!!

    • Haha nothing cheers me up than fully utilizing the gifts from my wife! Somehow most of the things she gave me I ended up using them for my gundam modelling 😛

  7. The gattling shield really is a distinctive feature and a nice combination of offense and defense – one of the reasons why we love the Gouf Custom~

    Interesting approach on using cement glue to ‘melt’ the plastic and give off a rough texture. I did something similar before, but it was due to a spillage accident, and naturally it didn’t give me a nice impression since it was not intentional and on parts I didn’t desire it to happen on. How is the clean-up for it? Wait for it to dry out a bit and do the brushing and let it dry off completely?

    But yes the Ghost of Zeon site is a very nice site on advanced gunpla modelling. Ranging from weathering to seam removals to dioramas and paint extraction from spray cans!

    • Totally agree on the shield, makes we favor the gouf custom even more than the regular gouf 😛 So far I haven’t done the clean up, probably do a bit of light sanding with 1000 grit to smooth out the surface so that its a bit more even. Have to thank for that site’s tutorial!!

  8. nice mod, now that is the true mobility of the Gouf that managed to wipeout the entire EFSF’s shelling squad on it’s own! 😀
    I’m kinda sad with the fact that I have to cancel getting this since January has a lot of must-get for me (RG Zaku, HG Nobel, GM Custom, & Kotobukiya Takemikazuchi). 😦
    But I’ll definitely get in the future!! (if there’s still some stock left =_=;)

    • Haha don’t worry about Gunpla stock, they are almost always in production!!! Aww, you should have gotten him lol but you are right about the recent releases!!! They are all so tempting!!!

  9. Maybe add some weathered paint-apps on the final WIP phase, just in case some crazy city battle scene from the 08th MS Team was in your minds, it’ll add some spunk of realism to it.

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