HGUC Sinanju Completed

Finally I completed my HGUC Sinanju. Its been a month long project on this guy and luckily I am just in time to meet ZD group build’s deadline πŸ˜› Took the afternoon today after lunch to give this baby a nice little flat top coat. Well enough talking and enjoy the pictures!!

One of Sinanju’s signature weapon is his beam rifle.

Then if range is not your cup of tea…you’ll find Sinanju in no way lacking on the melee department…

Sinanju having his Raiser Sword moment πŸ˜›

For those in favor of the close range hack and slash…

Hope you guys enjoy this simple little build. In fact this makes this the first completed kit for this year haha. So far Sinanju is one of my nearly fully handpainted HGUC kit as I mainly build them straight out of the box. I did make quite a fair bit of mistakes on the white trims and some edges of the pink armor. For those interested in the build heres a list of the work in progress.Β Sinanju Wip 1 , Wip 2, Wip 3 & Wip 4.Β Looking back, I am glad Remilia recommend pink. I never have ever thought of using such a color..but…

Chubbs : heh Char where are you off to…

Char : Ah just off to check the paint job…

(Seconds later)

Chubbs : Now where are you heading again…

Char : To find the bastard you gave you that ‘fantastic’ idea of a color scheme…

Chubbs : ……(a cold sweat drops down…)

Remila : Ah so my pink contraption of death is complete!!

Char : Oh Remilia just a quick word…… I



Till the next kick!!! (Thanks to Bd77 for pointing out the mispelling of our favorite little vampire :P)


96 thoughts on “HGUC Sinanju Completed

  1. Now THIS is more like it the pink. Wait…


    Sakuya: OJOU-SAMA~! *clocks-up* Luna Dial… Followed by… Private Square… +_+

    • Wha haha I was thinking rocklee’s one is cool as hell. My opponent is not even a unicorn haha πŸ˜› Glad you like it man haha!

    • Thanks man! Now I am trying to squeeze out as much as possible first before my son pops out. I’ll probably not be able to build for the next few months!!

    • Ah the flat coat kinda gave the pink that powedery look I think. I gave about 2 coats of flat coat for most of the pieces. But your air brushing is so good and so much faster. Handpainting takes a lot of time!

  2. pink NEVER looked so wicked before. NEVER. great job chubbs! Remilia i’ll take care of you dun worry.. keke. hope everything goes well for your wife and son! =)

    • Haha great suggestion man! But sadly decaling is not one of my favorite things to do lol….but i definitely need to include that it to make the kit more complete!

  3. nicely done.. love the little photoshoot there.

    I’m pretty sure Remilia will never mess with the Pink… I mean Red Comet xD

    I saw the minor errors on the trims but they are negligible the over all result on the suit is very good. πŸ˜€

  4. o.o chubs how did u do such a smooth paint job? wif flat tip brush and multiple layers? hmm how much paint did u dip wif the brush to spread the paint effectively? sry if i asked too much… zz curious u know.. x.x”

    anyways ur job is awesome O_O

    • Ah I choose an appropriate brush size according to the size of the area. Cos if you use a small tip brush to paint a large area, this will result in more brush strokes. And yes the tips are used are flat tip types ^^

      As for the actual dipping of the brush and how much paint, I think its hard for me to explain here haha…comes with lots of trail and error to get it right I am afraid. Hopefully I can get a vid done or something to show the process in the future.

      Thanks for the compliments!

    • Ah I think some spots might not be properly top coated or due to the top lighting πŸ˜› I think probably pure pink isn’t his taste haha.

  5. A fresh sinanju color πŸ˜€
    can’t believe it’s hand painted….how did you to that chubbs?
    the paint looks very good!! Awesome skill you have.

    • Hehe mixture of levelling thinner and constant cleaning of my brushes!! Hopefully I can shed more light in a painting guide later of sorts!

  6. *likes*
    This ish… SINANJU! XD
    But shouldn’t it be Full Frontal? O.o

    Good one, very. Fully hand painted some more, makes me feel motivated to go at it once again for my next plan… >.>

  7. Lol nendo kicked! love the expression on Remila, the Pink comet is angry XD

    great looking Sinanju, he may not be happy with the color but he must agree that is one sweet paint job! cant believe its hand painted, its a light and refreshing color scheme, different but good πŸ˜€

    dont lose the momentum chubbs, finish those back logs πŸ˜›

    • Haha well its from Riannon πŸ˜› Still nothing beat Nagi Surprised face…..

      Glad you like the color scheme man, I was very afraid it might turn out too feminine or weird for taste! Haha one thing I like about hand painting…I save tons of cash on supplies πŸ˜› Hehe going full speed!!!

    • Buahaha yo man, when ya going to do gunpla, its been a while since I last saw gunpla stuff from you haha πŸ˜› Anyway thanks!!

  8. ohohoh! YES!! finally remilia’s SHE-nanju is complete!
    the blend of pink/black/white/yellow looked out great!
    “It’s Definetely a Mobile Suit for the Scarlet Devil” πŸ˜€

    LOL @ char. bet he was really pissed. he hijacked remilia’s mobile suit and kicked her. XD
    if sakuya sees it,.. damn.. (think of the consequences) >.<
    better find him another sinanju to pilot because that one is specially made for the scarlet devil.

    Nice build! πŸ˜€

    • HAha Scarlet Devil She nanju custom πŸ˜› Thanks for the kinds words man!!! Glad you like the build haha!!

      Also I think Remila will be plotting something with Sakuya hehe…..stay tuned!! Revenge can be sweet!

    • I see you’ve been enjoying that Touhou Project game I’ve given you..

      haha can’t even relate to what you’re talking there xD

      • @Erazer: hahaha! yep. thanks to you, (downloading and playing two or three games) i have sufficient knowledge about it and some of it’s characters. you should try it once!

        Little info:
        Scarlet Devil is the title given to Remilia Scarlet and Sakuya Izayoi is her personal Chief Maid. πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve been a lurker in your site for some time now.
    Couldn’t resist to say I’m really impressed with this Sinanju! Just can’t believe it’s handpainted!
    Also, I would like to say I’m in the queue of people anxious to see a tutorial!

    Amazing skills! :p

  10. Don’t really know about the point of thid “Pink Comet” color scheme, it surprises Me like a zombie surprises someone in a horror movie. But the pink along with the white lines kinda fit together like a palette swap to the red and gold lines.

    • Interesting analogy lol. I initially thought of using gold but find that it doesn’t fit as well as white. This is similar to the geara zulu just that its slightly more pinkish haha.

  11. Actually, Sinanju’s pilot is not Char. It’s a Cyber Newtype (a basis of the Innovades from Gundam 00) who contains Char’s memories and undergoes complete physical (and genetically) reconstruction to look, sound and have feelings exactly like Char, his name is Full Frontal which means ‘stark naked’ (WTF :O).

    “As I am now, I consider myself nothing more than a vessel, a vessel for the hopes that were abandoned in space and for the ideals of Zeon that would light all our paths to freedom.”
    – Full Frontal from the English dub of Gundam Unicorn

  12. Whoa that white trims must taken lots of effort, amazing. And the pink is nice ^o^
    Sinanju is pinky and…… cute, I wonder how will Banagher react when he see it hehehe.

  13. WOW! I just got a MG Shinanju, haven’t built it yet… looking for ideas how to make it special… but looking at yours, just wow… really NICE… I’m new with gunpla and just made a blog recently, and I’m definitely adding you in my blogroll… here’s mine if you want to check it out… thanks… http://www.larsmm3.wordpress.com

    • Thanks for the compliments! Sure no prob! I’ll add you to mine as well!

      Haha MGs are harder to work with, mine is only the HG version πŸ˜›

  14. I noticed that the panel lines are a bit messy, there are parts like for example in the left shoulder (sinanjucomplete12.jpg) where there are even lines in areas not suppose to have lines. I have uploaded the image here: http://imgur.com/d44F6bE

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