Using Flash photography for toys!

Today I am trying a different approach from my usual photography. In fact this is more of an experiment since I am a bit lazy to set up any light box for figure photography at night 😛 In fact of the advice that I got last time was not to use flash for macro photography since it will drown out all the details of the toy. After seeing what Bmecha has done for his Mazinger SKl photoshoot where he used flash for his photos. This makes for very sharp and crisp photos!! So today I’ll be using my newly accquired Garo figurine as an example.

The following are some shots shot under the lights in my kitchen.

Now using just tissue paper and tape, I wrapped it round my flash.

The next few shots will be using flash!

So what you guys think, you prefer the shots with the flash or without the flash. Personally I think this is another great avenue to explore for those who might not have the time to do a good lighting set up!

Of course I couldn’t resist taking this little devil buhhhaha..

Till the next post!!


46 thoughts on “Using Flash photography for toys!

  1. I’ve avoided flash like the plague ever since I discovered lighting to the point of making out the use of flash to be a sort of taboo. After seeing yours and Bmecha’s results, I think it might be time to give this technique a second try. The second to last photo looks particularly stylish.

    • Thanks for the compliments Speedstriker! But I really have to thank Bmecha for showing me this technique of photograhy! Do post the results on your blog! Would love to see it ^^

  2. Somehow, with the tissue paper over the flash, Garo’s detail looks… subdued? But it does makes shadows more pronounce. =D

    *looks at the last picture*

    Remilia has a new recruit, eh?

    • Haha more dramatic type of lighting I guess! Hehe its not really a recruit. So far no intention to use the black rock series for any story whatsoever 😛

  3. Nice work bro! if you have a tripod you can also experiment with long exposures and candle light to get some spooky effects 😀

    • Wow that I have to try! I remember you did it for your own Mazinkaiser photoshoot some time back. I’ll need that for graveyard scenes 😛

  4. Hm… wrapping something around flash to subdue its brightness… I never heard nor thought of that before. I gotta try it out! The effect looks good enough where I can’t tell it is flash o_o

    • Haha you got to try it man! I am sure with your DLSR you can get even better effects! But I have to thank Bmecha for giving me that idea in the first place!

  5. after wrapping the flash with tissue paper and tape gave it a better look.. the flash was diffused by the cover which gave it more contrast to the finer details of the kit. the kitchen lights gave it a daytime look to the kit.. gotta give it a try when my new cam comes xD

  6. Whoa new cam bro? Haha you definitely need to give this a shot! I was quite surprised by the effects too when I tried it out! But it does however make the back ground a bit darker so got to continue to refine this technique!

  7. Your photo looks great! The flash gives the photo more 3D feel with the highlights, mid tone and the shadow. can try to overexpose half a stop of 1 stop to brighten up the figure more 😀

    Flash is very important especially for indoor shots, where normal table lamp won’t be enough to light up the figure. There are a lot to learn for flash photography. I’ll experiment with flash in my future post.

    • Haha bro thanks for the tip! This post wouldn’t be possible without you! Ah I play around with the exposure for future shots. Gonna do some reviews with this setup hehe.

      Just got to love experimenting around with photography!!

  8. Is that the Kiwami Tamashii Garo? I heard quite a few people founds his neck to be too long and shortened it. He’s a majestic figure and the head looks much better than the announced Figuarts version.

  9. you got a Garo too?! haha that is a nice trick you did there with the flash, just like when softening the lights with paper on a light box but this adds some nice tones and is much quicker.

    definitely like the results with the dampened flash a lot more. the original bright lighting works great to pointing out overall details but can also wash out the feel of the figure. as the others said, its dramatic, especially great with that DM shot lol

    • Haha don’t tell me you got it on preorder too? You are right on one point. Its definitely much quicker compared to setting up a light box or light source and plus, you can just take the cover anywhere ^^. Got to experiment on how much flash is required and of course…with or without flash….DM looks so good buahahaha….

    • Heh thanks! Hmm seems like generally the tissue shot is more popular 🙂 I also used flash when I first started out the blog. Then I removed it and now here it comes back full circle haha.

  10. I normally will not use flash but set up some indoor lighting. However a professional flash can be helpful. Not those that attached to the camera wether it is on DSLR or not.

    • Ah those stand alone flash right? Those can be very useful in the future! Probably might budget for one of them. I haven’t had any experience with bounce flashing but I have seen great results from other people.

  11. hmm… using cover up flash seems to add more dramatic photos, but i think in a set up environment, using traditional lighting and diffuser method would be producing better result yet sometimes we’re too lazy to do it :p

    Anyway, do you have problem with deadmaster stand?

    • Ah redmage, so far I think I am quite lucky on the deadmaster stand. No problems for her stand on my side.

      I use this technique because I want to save time instead of doing all the complicated setup haha..I am bit lazy too do that 😛

  12. I woudlnt say im scared of using the flash but sometimes im certainly put off from using it!
    I have the agree using the flash does seem to add a more striking effect here and should be fun to explore further!

    • What I like about using flash is adding that bit of drama and also it highlights the front of the subject. But its does throws the color off a bit, giving it a slightly more orange overcast!!

  13. oooo… new photography techniques.. mus try.. haha.. thanks for the tips chubbs.. not to mention all the new loots.. keke. i really resisted the urge to get Garo.. orz

    • Haha actually if not for the neck I think this is a really good one to grab!! I won’t really say its a new technique. More like an experiment to try shooting my toys in a different way ^^

  14. According to my experience, there are time when we do need flash and there are time when we can use flash as option or additional lights and then there are times when we can just skip the flash but at all times don’t be a “Flasher” LOL

    Flash photography is a different category eventually but once you get the hang of it you will slowly love it – just like porn, slowly you can get addicted LOL… Obviously there are some who prefer not using flash (like Ramba Ral) and there are some who prefer to use flash (like Char Aznable) but the aim are always the same, playing around with creativity and lots of adjustment to produce a decent result….

    Photography is just like human sexual desire, quite general in nature but sometimes can be pretty complicated plus different people who view the result will tend to have different opinion anyway – exactly just like how we ejaculated while having sex LOL

    It’s good that you now knew the way to “diffuse” your camera flash, your camera is Panasonic FZ35 isn’t it? If I’m correct, that is one great camera offering great image quality, no doubt about it – I personally would want that camera but they discontinued it now…. sigh…. the flash for that model is quite powerful…

    • Haha well definitely I am not a flasher of sorts DJ 😛 I am just dipping my toes into it. Now trying out with different colored papers over the flash to get some really spooky colors haha! But I don’t think i’ll be addicted to its as much as porn lol 😛 Just kidding…… But you are right on people having different views on photography and the sexual references haha. Some like it flashy some don’t 😛

    • Ah you can try using masking tape (preferably those that are low tact or not so sticky) and cover the flash area instead!

  15. I think both looks great 😀 It is just a matter of what kind of atmosphere that you want to achieve 😀 Since the subject of the photos above are “dark”, the photo using flash is looking better 😀

  16. So you basically used the tissue as a diffuser. There’s also the option of using a mirror and a small box to deflect the light from the flash upwards, towards the ceiling.

    • Oh but can this technique be used only on those with a separate flash unit? I am using the in build flash and it seems it will be quite hard to mount a mirror and a small box to make it work.

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