Sinanju Wip 4 – Small Updates

Just a few in progress pictures of the painting of the HGUC Sinanju. I was so engrossed in getting this kit done I forgot to take any in progress pictures of the painting process!!! The Rosa pink turned out quite well. Personally, I feel my hand painting for this kit is much better than my SD Sangokuden Yuan Shu. Interestingly I am loving this pink haha…

I changed the trims to white instead of gold. For the pipes and thrusters, I used gloss black followed by dry brushing with silver! The trims will still need some touch up. Hopefully once the flat coat goes on everything will look much better!

Gonna continue with the other weapons tonight!!

Till the next post!


29 thoughts on “Sinanju Wip 4 – Small Updates

  1. This shade is actually nice! Not at all feminine like I expected. The silver pipes look good. Can’t wait to see the final product 😀

    • Heh thanks! I was surprised how the pink turned out as well straight out of the bottle. Surprisingly it looks really good and like you put it, not all that feminine!

  2. I completely approve of this build! 😀
    I’m totally diggin’ the pink, good choice and your hand painting skills seems to be improving. Nice.

  3. ….and i was expecting a glaring pink. and wow, a nice, smooth and soothing pink. APPROVES! 😀 what about silver trims? like Heathorn’s Geara Zulu? just random suggestion, as the silver wont be shiny after flatcoat

    • Ah I did consider using silver! But if I had too much silver it won’t provide much contrast since my pipes and thrusters will also be in silver. And white seems like a nicer combination with this pink haha.

      I might have went with glaring pink that is closer to remila’s color if I had the skill to mix colors!!

  4. the pink looks really good, you made it like the Sinanju’s stock red got mixed with just enough white to make it that pink.. 😀

    one question: which color did you apply on the trims first? black or white?

    • Ah I applied white first followed by the black ^^ Only for the chest piece i did it black first and then followed by white cos its easier due to the raised surfaces.

  5. not what i expected at all, the pink looks smooth man! if it wasnt bad enough to get beaten by Sinanju, now his targets gotta say they lost to a pink mobile suit too Lol

    the colors match well, i like the details on the tubing and looks like some perfect seam line removal on the arms there 😀

  6. With cement and power sanding no seamline shall stand in my way!! (Say it Kamina style lol!!)

    Thanks man! But still compared to the mods that you did for your Sinanju mine is just a simple recolor haha. And losing to a pink mobile suit lol!! That will be legendary!

  7. now that’s an awesome pink sinanju you did there. very nice! 😀
    i’m sure remilia scarlet will be very pleased with your work.

    as for the beam axe, make it colored like that of her weapon: gungnir. 🙂

  8. wahhhh.. HOT PINK!!! i kinda like this pink too.. i can see it in the next episode of gunpla beginning G. XD very nice handpainting….. did you use some retarder thinner? the finishing looks really good and smooth! i’m still afraid of painting large areas… you used acrylic paint right?

      • Ah I don’t really have a ratio. Its more like an estimate. You have to put mix till you get somewhat of a milk like consistency. I think i’ll write on tutorial on handpainting for the next kit hehe.

    • Ah ren I used lacquer paints 😛 haha well this might appear in the gunpla beginning G where any mech is possible haha!! I’ll probably give a bit more on that in my next guide which will be on handpainting.

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