HG 00 Quanta Full Saber review

Fresh out of the box, I snap fitted the Full Saber equipment to my HG 00 Quanta last night. I must say now Quanta feels more complete in a sense. Very similar to how I view 007s Seven Swords version of Gundam 00.

The Full Saber component consist of 4 parts. 3 dagger components and the main Saber component.

Heres all of them put together.

To attach to Quanta, it comes with a new back pack.

However here comes some problems with the new back pack. Firstly it removes the articulation of the original back pack. Secondly, the piece circled in green comes off quite easily which luckily can be fixed with a dash of plastic cement.

The Full Saber attaches nicely and at angle to the Quanta. No weight issues while doing a standing pose.

Unlike the XN raiser(Combined sword), there isn’t any weight issues even if the Full Saber is held by one arm.

The Full Saber itself can be converted into a blaster rifle.

The small blades can be converted into small guns for some gun fu action!

Quanta enjoying a Zanbanya moment ^^

Combining the 2 daggers together, you will get a nifty little double bladed sword. Very suitable for boomerang attacks.

But my favorite configuration is converting the main Full Saber sword into a katar. Feels good slamming this onto your opponent….

I must say, even though its much more expensive compared with previous special releases, the Full Saber add on is worth every single cent! Put the Saber on, sit Quanta on a decent stand and enjoy snapping away!!

Till the next post and a happy new year!!



55 thoughts on “HG 00 Quanta Full Saber review

  1. ME WANTS~! D:

    Hmm… What if, if you combined that with the XN Raiser, OO Raiser and seven sword system together? =D
    Result: The Ultimate “WTF~!” Fighting Machine(tm).

    • Lol …I am not too sure even with the Quantum system Qant can still move…

      And its mind boggling trying to attach everything!!

    • are you asking about this (oo raiser + gn sword 3 +xn raiser + seven sword 00 version) cause i created it and even tho bulky really evens out the 7 sword wide to the xn raiser length. heres a link to a pic of it

      the picture quality is low and its kinda hard to see the xn rasier on the back (im an average to noob modeler). let me know if you want to see more pics

      • ah sorry missed out on replying your comment earlier. Thanks for the pic! Thats quite a nice even combination! At least from that angle that you took it doesn’t look as bulky as i thought!

    • Wah $30 !@#!@#!@#! Thats a freaking steal lol!!!

      I like that it makes him more complete. Now hes ready to take on the ELS!!!

    • Ah you have a point. But luckily its base blue color is already covered! The rest will require some masking to achieve the actual colors.

    • Actually the 00Q sword bits have an equal amount of combinations with the Full Saber. But indeed really adds more versatility to the Gundam Quant

  2. nifty add-on you have there…

    as you said it gives the feeling of completeness to the original kit.. pity that i was never used in the movie.. I’m sure Quan[T] will be more kick-ass

      • Haha happy new year man! Too bad, its the same thing for the XN Raiser and 007s Sword system! Wished we had an animated fight based on these add ons!!

  3. :O
    I really want it now! Ironically I’ve been trying to do those sword concepts (pistol with blade) but couldn’t really come with anything as good as this official weapon add on. XP

    Also, happy new year chubbs!

    • Happy new year to you too!!! I really like the gunsword concept eversince exia used that haha. We have to give our hats off to the design team that gave us the Full Saber!

  4. Thanks on the note regarding the backpack issue. I will have to plan what to do with mine when I get to build mine (might as well build the 00Q at the same time).

    Like GN Sefer and XN Raiser kits, one of the great things about GN Sword IV is its playability, and they have extended it even further for this one. Different combination and parts give you a lot of stuff to play with, and it’s good to see the good ol’ cone shape backpack coming back. Now I just need to worry about how I am going to paint it as I am the kind of guy who is too lazy to paint unless I really, really want to do so ^^;

    • I hit the reply button too early LoL here’s what I want to add:
      Not a really big fan of a giant sword, so if I have this kit, I’m gonna display him with two smaller weapon in both hands 😀

  5. The 00 Qan[T] itself looks cool with just one giant shield hanging off it’s shoulder, but with two giant shields (or at least, the 7 Sword-esque GN Sword IV), you can’t argue that this is badass.

  6. I fancy the gunswords over the main Full Saber compartement, it adds an extra aura of coolness with the Qan[T] wielding them ‘Gun-kata’ (guns and swords) style.
    With this along with the GN Sword V in hand, the ELS would have face extinction, that is unless Setsuna tries to use the awesome power of understanding.

  7. I simply think its because setsuna cant handle its badassnes but people may hate me but he seems cold and emotionless regardless of his past hes kind of a douche minus his death put the original lockon in full saber quanta THAT would be a movie

  8. 我買ㄌ 可是新ㄉ那把劍(肩膀上ㄉ) 很容易掉ㄟ 那ㄍ洞裡有裝pc? 這和梅說明書 可以教我怎裝ㄇ 紙擦那把刀

    • 我记得那个地方是没有装pc part. 不然你可以加超薄的pla plate 0.2mm 把那颗部份弄 tighter. Sorry for my bad chinese ^^. I did not face this problem that you mentioned so far for my own saber.

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