Hobby Japan 2011 Issue 2 Full Saber Get!!!!

Just came back from Kinokuniya today and I was lucky to get the second issue of Hobby Japan 2011. It cost me $38.90 SGD for those interested in the pricing. Though I am disappointed with the 00 Quanta in the actual movie, it has not dampened my want to complete it with the GN Sword IV Full Saber. Now I have not yet began to assemble the Saber as of yet but hopefully I’ll get to do so in between my Sinanju’s paint job this weekend. Do note the HG Quanta is not included in this issue lol….

Its a very nice and simple box. Compared to the XN Raiser box that I had, this is way cooler.

Personally, what I feel is the biggest win about this release is that they actually gave not only colored parts but also clear green parts! Previous special part releases were all in pure white…not exactly a fantastic choice for those who don’t like to paint. Hope future releases will be following in such foot steps.

The magazine itself is fairly detailed. You’ll be taught step by step on how to paint all the various parts of the Full Saber. But what I am most impressed are the crazy mods all done with the Saber…below are a few highlights of the many mods inside…

Damn it..I am so needing the SD version…

If only Graham had this in the movie…..

Well just sharing with you this little wonderful loot for the last of this year! Stay tuned for the snap fit review coming up later this weekend along with updates for the pink Sinanju lol 😛

Till the next post! And have a happy new year ahead!!!

54 thoughts on “Hobby Japan 2011 Issue 2 Full Saber Get!!!!

  1. full saber, nice new weaponry ….O Gundam Full Saber O_O! holy moly that is a sweet looking custom, im digging the details and color scheme on that one… but why the stuffed crotch XD

    thanks for giving us a peak at some of the cool stuff in the mag, and about the SD Quant… you might be winning one soon, im expecting an epic Sinanju kick from ya 😀

    • Lol, I only noticed it till you mention!! Guess I was so engross with the other details I didin’t notice ‘it’ sticking out lol….

      Nah, I am figuring the winner is you given all the mods you have done bro!!! And hehe about that kick…

  2. nice loot! heh.. i figured you’ll be getting this too.. since you’ve ninja built the Qan[T] gundam! haha. expecting mine to arrive after the new year! ^^ ahhhh more back logssss…. anyway, Happy New Year chubbs!

    • ah yes the price is much steeper this time round. My guess is due to giving both colored plastic and the clear green parts. And the magazine is choked full of mods also…one of the best issues that I have seen. To me its worth every cent!

  3. wow. Flag Saber>>> Quant Saber! Congrats on getting yours :D. my bookstore still haven’t gotten it yet but hopefully I can be there to pick it up when it comes out. The boxart for the FS set looks really good.

    • Ah can’t wait to see your review Z plus the delicious poses and photos! I am tempted to get another one just for the Flag Saber…./Masurao Saber….just looks damn good…

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is release later with a HG Quanta several months later. But you bought two, what are you gonna use the other one for?

  5. The magazine mentions that the Taiwanese issue will have the kit as well, but I can’t be sure whether Hong Kong will have it, so I got one myself the Japanese issue too ^^;

  6. One of my picks from Hobbylink Japan, I do found one during my trip to Japan. Though, I didn’t mind the magazine, I picked one for the Full Saber alone. For US$18, I think it’s a good price.

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