HGUC Sinanju Wip 2

Apologies for the lack of post for the past 2 weeks. Business is really picking up and I could hardly find the time to blog let alone do my gunpla. Luckily, managed to squeeze in sometime to continue work on my Sinanju. (And fortunately ZD extended the dateline!!) This wip will mainly cover the parts that require some sharpening.

This is the part located at the waist. I sanded off the raised plastic circled.

Also sanded the spike on the front skirt.

Sharpened the V fin and drilled holes on the head piece. Needs some clean up later.

Also sharpened the spikes on the arms!

Among our group build looks like BD77 has already completed his and even put up a review! I always love reading reviews from other people regarding our favorite kit of the moment ^^. Also I’ll have lots of catching up on so many blogs!!!

Till the next post!


70 thoughts on “HGUC Sinanju Wip 2

  1. Gunpla or Business? both are important. You need more business to buy more Gunpla πŸ˜›
    Anyway nice to see that you’re finding time for your hobby and I’ll keep reading to see more juicy Sinanju updates! πŸ˜€

    • The tricky thing is finding a good balance for everything haha! Thanks for behing a regular reader here Mathai!! I have more in store for Sinanju this coming weekend!

  2. I bet the parts that you’ve sharpened up was made blunt in following safety regulations. XD

    Wonder whether how you’re going settle the emblems for this guy…

    • Haha well they do have to take into consideration about kids building this kit…just in case ^^

      And it will be similar to Kshatriya. Just straight painting on the emblems with some cover up with black enamel!

  3. Hi, how’s your Sinanju doing? Let’s hope it’ll be great at the end.

    I haven’t got him yet, but I’m planning to (along with MG Sinanju Ver. Ka
    ) when I’ll be going to the eastern hemisphere (Japan, of course) to pick one up this upcoming Christmas, I picked the metallic variant of the HGUC Sazabi online, wish me luck getting one.

    Do you have any Gundam Fix Figuration figures?

    • Well I am making small and decent progress! I’ll be able to make by december for the group build ^^

      Wow the metallic Sazabi is a looker…you’ll be getting both the HGUC and MG Sinanju 0_0!!

      Ah I don’t collect GFFs though.

  4. It’s a good thing business is picking up. I wanted to have my own business too. LOL Now your Sinanju is not child friendly so be careful not to let your kid to come to touch it.

    • Haha well having your own business does have its perks but of course you’ll have to be fully committed to it!

      Don’t worry this baby is sitting on my top shelf haha!!!

  5. wow those are lots of sharpenings hahaha, i believe they can puncture a wound if pointed badly, Full Frontal will be happy with the added sharpness of this suit

    its good that business is picking up, especially the holidays are coming near, you will need all that extra cash for your gifts haha..

    and looking forward for the completed kit. πŸ˜€

    • Haha he can just shoulder ram the enemy into oblivion!!! Well I’ll need to save up all the extra cash for my little one popping up next year and also for a certain investment in the future hehe ^^ I am taking it nice and slowly on this kit and the feeling is great haha!!

      • well its the process is the most enjoyable part on doing a kit so enjoy for how long it may take you ^_^..

        as i always enjoy assembling a kit and minor detailing, and seeing him pose

  6. Nice sharpening works.. XD .. was about to wonder when ur next Sinanju WIP post will be.. then BAM there u go.. part2 :P.. I got mine 2 days ago.. and started assembling that night.. slowly…

    btw.. if you dont mind… can I use some of (maybe all) your modding skillz for my sinanju.. especially the head and neck part.. I cant think better way to mod it other than your method >_<;;

    and the emblem.. seems that we thinking doing same way… paint white (in my color scheme) over the emblem than cover it up with black enamel :D.. Meister Morishita style πŸ˜›

    • Sure no problem! I think Meister Morishita’s style of doing the trim is the easiest method with a good result! Plus I can skip all those masking which can be a hell considering how small the emblems are!!

      Quick quick post your Sinanju and get the ball rolling!

  7. Nice work done on your Sinanju!
    Don’t worry about time management, Perfection takes time ^^
    I really liked your mods done on Sinanju, really looking forward to it!
    I wonder if Bandai would be kind enough to produce a SD Sinanju ^_^;

    • Thanks for the compliments! I have no doubts there will be an SD Sinanju on the works from Bandai considering the kits popularity ^^

  8. great to see you found some time to squeeze out another wip ^^ hope you continue to get more business.. although that means harder to find time for gunpla, but both are important XD

    another great update on sinanju, sharp parts is looking deadly good.

    • Lol hopefully i won’t poke myself during the painting later:P But if i do bleed i can save a bit on the red paint lol!!! Well my family business will have to take precedence over my hobbies haha. But still what ever time I have i’ll try to squeeze out some time for gunpla. Nothing quiets the mind like doing gunpla on a quiet evening ^^

  9. watch out man! that spike might hurt you πŸ˜€
    sharpening is just a small detail but it’ll make great difference. Especially when it is compared side by side with the non-modified kit

    • Heh thanks! Have to work hard on my family business man. Got to give my wife and son a good life πŸ˜›

      Nothing helps to clam the nerves like a good solid hour of gunpla a day!

  10. Good business means more gunpla
    Working on sinanju might bring you 3x profit ^^

    sharpening looks great chubbs!
    From what I heard, sometimes it can be easier if you lengthen the part with epo putty before starting to sharpen. It gives you longer and sharper spike πŸ˜€

    • Haha I don’t mind the 3 x profit!!!

      Ah I did try with epoxy putty before, didn’t turned out as well for me. The edges can be quite brittle based on what I encountered so far. Plus I find more rewarding to just sand down haha. But indeed it will not be as sharp as a epoxy based spike!

  11. erm chubbs is it possible to call Kinokuniya for the reservation of hobby japan feb 2011 [gn full saber parts] even before there is stocks? O_O”

    • heh thanks! Things will be slow on my side as i am going back for a week of re service next week. I’ll try to squeeze out some wip by this weekend hopefully!

  12. I think it’s a bit tricky to paint those delicate lines on this kit, the larger MG seems a bit easier but I’ll go for the stickers instead.
    I’d think a Robot Damashii Sinanju is a good alternative for the lazy, I’ll add those on my shopping list in Japan.
    Do you have non-gunpla Gundams?

    • Not really that hard, just that it does take some time and patience to get it done cos you need to be very slow about it haha!!

      Ah I don’t have any non gunpla Gundams haha..don’t see the point of getting them since I can do a decent job out of the box! Plus its the building process that I enjoy the most!!

  13. I heard that those intricate gold lines around the black parts of the Sinanju is tricky to paint, good luck painting.
    As for me, I’ll use crappy stickers instead, it makes work easier.

    • Haha well the stickers isn’t really crappy. Just take a toothpick and trace them along the lines. They actually look quite decent if you do that!

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