HGUC Sinanju Wip 1

Started work today on the seamlines of my HGUC Sinanju. Lay out all the parts that require seamline removal. The problematic parts are mainly the head and the forearm seamline. Just want to share the process of removing the seamline for those who might be interested. This might not be the best way to remove them but its what I can come up with at this point in time ^^.

Forearm Seamline

I cut out the peg circled in green. Also did the same for the other side.

Test fitted the thing and it fits in snugly! However a platform is required for it to be glued back later after painting.

Cut some pla plates and glued them there. This will act as the platform of the elbow joint to be glued back later.

Head Seamline

Cut out the two vents by the face.

Attach them to each side of the face plate. I used Tamiya light cement for this.

Next, I hollowed out the pegs blocking the face plate and also sanded that spot to make the reinsertion easier.

The most tedious portion is finding out the parts that are blocking. So far these are the spots that I found out. Took me a solid half and hour of fiddling around…

Also started on modding the neck. I wanted that downward looking evil look for my Sinanju.

Added some pla plates to the base of the neck.

I noticed that Sinanju’s chin is actually preventing the head from looking down. So instead, I decided to create a slope at the base so that the entire neck will lean forward.
Downward look achieved!!

Well thats all for the weekend….got to sleep after all these mods…so tired lol….I think i can see Sinanju flying in my room…….




75 thoughts on “HGUC Sinanju Wip 1

  1. so you actually eliminates the articulation of the neckpiece. my my, that’s some works for the pre-painting mod of the head. lets see what i can pull off for the head. nice reference, man ^^

    (btw, did you broke the rear peg of the eye-frame?)

    • Ah I actually didn’t break the peg, I cut it by mistake lol…too much cuts and I got confused. I don’t see the point of sinanju looking up. I rather he look downwards to get the look that I want!

      Hope these references help man haha. I am sure you can come up with better stuff than me!

  2. Wow…I wish i can mod that to my coming soon sinanju…But i don’t know how to mod!!^_^
    I loves how your sinanjju looks now..More evil looking then before!

    • Haha actually just snap fit and top coat equally nice. I used to try out mods on old kits first before i did it on the newer ones. At least if there is a mistake, its not too heartbreaking 😛

  3. It’s really some interesting engineering to Sinanju’s head and neck. Amateur like me won’t even dare to temper with kits and only strictly following what the instruction says. Hee! Hee!

    • Haha, well I used to snap fit but I wanted something more other than that!! So made a decision to do mods and never looked back! But finishing is another issue lol!!

  4. useful mods there you’ve share with us, they will make the painting later much more convenient to handle. I liked the last photo, makes the Sinanju looked more menacing.

    • Heh thanks! Just my take on the seamlines. I am sure there are better ways to do it for the seamline on the head…my mod is quite messy for that one.

      Ah thats what I hope to achieve in the last picture!

  5. bad ass neck mod for that menacing look! thats a lot of detailed cutting to help with seam line removal, especially cutting those tiny head vulcans o_O and will the elbow joint still be strong with that mod?

    i might try some of this if i can get the kit ^^

    • Hehe thanks bro! The elbow joint will have to be glued back for my case after the painting. That is why I had to insert those pla plates for the joints to be glued back later. The elbow will work perfectly after the gluing.

      Haha you still have your awesome gouf to handle mate!

    • Thanks bro! Just want to share it for the group build or those having problems on the seamline ^^. Its one of those basic stuff that I don’t see much wip about.

      Whoa….heathorn’s Sinanju…hehe I can see you modifying the horn to look like Altisen!!

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        • My dentist also advised me on placing some ice pads near the swell areas. Helps to reduce the pain and swelling…took me a good week to recover…

          I swore never to not brush my teeth again after meals!!! The discomfort and pain of decayed wisdom teeth is too much to bear!!

  7. Nice mods man! Now I understand how gunpla modelers insert the joints into arms after they seal the seam lines and glue it. I just seal it around the joints and its permanent 😦

    I like your mod for the neck 🙂 Are you buying any metal thrusters?

    • Heh thanks!!! What some other people might do is actually paint the joints first, mask them, fix the joint in and then remove the seamline.

      Ah I won’t be including any metal thrusters haha. But i do have spare metallic pen caps which i can use if i want to!

  8. Oh man, now that’s cool. Fascinating how a small change of neck angles can make the suit look all the more sinister. Doesn’t that mean it won’t be able to look up anymore though? Not that the Sinanju would ever have to do anything but look down on something else.
    If i tried something like this I would probably splay the helmet and neck right in two, but you already knew that.

    • Yes, absolutely right. That small little adjustment made the suit look much more sinister!! Surprisingly I tested the joint it can look up at a slight angle haha but like you put it, Sinanju only needs to look down 😛

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