Maintaining your Gunpla side cutters

If you read the 7 Habits of highly effective people, one particular habit is called sharpening the saw. Which means taking a step back from your usual activities and maintaining or upgrading your equipment!  As modellers we always subject our tools to extreme use. And its even worse for those with sweaty palms…our tools tend to rust more!! Today gonna share how I maintain my trustworthy 1 year old side cutter. As you can see…its badly rusted and its creaky already lol…

Step 1 : Sand with 600 followed by 1000 grit sandpaper

As you can see, its shinier already!

Step 2 : Repeat sanding for the bottom too!

Step 4 : Dab a bit of oil with a tissue and apply onto the blade

Mellisa highly recommends the cheap and good singer oil! Maybe she should go for karaoke later haha..

Tadaa!! Now you are all set for another few good months of cutting. So by sanding the edges, it will result in a cleaner cut! Happy building!

Till the next post!


34 thoughts on “Maintaining your Gunpla side cutters

  1. i also do this on my wire cutters and other tools I use on school when they get really messy and rusty. though I haven’t got those gunpla side cutters, this post served me as reminder that even hobby tools needs to be maintained. now if I can only find a suitable straw to cover my Xacto Knife. 😀

    • Ouch thats dangerous lol! What i do is take leftover cardboard and wrap it with tape to make a cover for the knife 😛 Plus if you don’t remove the rust, its sometimes leaves a brown mark after you cut!

      • yes the stain is very much a pain in cleaning.

        haven’t thought about using cardboard as a cover… haha cause my mom told me a straw will be suitable, I dunno why Xacto knives in this day and age doesn’t have lids anymore like they used to.. remembered seeing ones on a hobby shop here where every knife has a lid in the case you got rid of the packaging, now my knife rests on its packaging whenever it is not used

  2. nice tips to keep in mind. my cutter is still pretty new but i damaged them a bit cutting my bass guitar strings, now they have dents XD ill see if sanding or filing them can smooth out some of the damage.

  3. My cutter has dents thanks to my brother because he was cutting alot of ABS plastic.But i managed to file them and now they are sharp.Plus i use your maintaining method and now they are very shiny and sharp^^Can use more money to buy paints,tools and gunplas

  4. That side cutter of yours seems to be really trusty enduring all the wear and tear plus the rust. Mine still looks really new because I seldom use it. ^^;

  5. Those are some intensely sweaty palms, man. But yeah, I get you. Nerve wracking activities do that to my palms too. That’ll certainly be useful… Once my cutters start looking like that. Darnit, I can just not get myself to get off my ass and work on my gunpla.

    • Ah I know that feeling of just wanting to start but just not having the spark to do so!! Maybe do like one part a day? That got me started if I am not really in the mood to do model kits 😛

  6. great tips, thanks for sharing bro!!
    um, sometimes I also use the iron/steel polisher instead of those oil… I’m not sure what it is called in your country, but in Indonesia the mayor brand name is: Brasso X D

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