The painting continues…

Argh I seriously need to do more painting….felt i moved backwards in that area after all that snap fitting. Here is my SD Sangokuden Yuan Shu from my previous build. Added gold paint along the trims and panel lined with gundam markers. But this will be the last time I am using gundam markers for the panel lining. Gonna switch to enamel for the next build. Now all I left are the weapons and backpack before I complete this kit. Nevertheless its a good experience for me again to test my handpainting again. One thing i am happy about is that I am able to paint out the chinese letter on his skirt nicely this time. This will make a very good practice for the Sinanju gold trims when I build him ๐Ÿ˜›

And Rndm asked about the brush I used. Heres a picture of the nylon brush that I use for my handpainting.

And a certain little nendo from Touhou Project has decided to drop by today kerokerokero ^^

Well just a short post from me today ^^

Till the next post!


34 thoughts on “The painting continues…

  1. HORY~ SHEEEE111T~!

    ONORE Chubbybots~! You has Ms Remilia “Charisma” Scarlet nendo~! orz

    One thing, Raspberyl will be VERY happy (as Remi control’s her victims’ destiny).

      • You do have a point on Remila being a master hmm…..(rewrite story!!!)

        Or maybe they have a fight fest instead lol!!! Hehe think i’ll do something later buahaha!!

  2. Buahah couldn’t resist man ๐Ÿ˜› She is so cute not to grab!!! Plus you are right about pairing with Rasberyl hehe…the wing sisters!!

  3. Switching to enamel? Is that the enamel wash + thinning afterwards that you’ve shown here?

    I haven’t gone so far in gunpla modelling; still very casual with what I do with mine ^^; But given that it’s hard to panel line after applying paint sometimes it’s understandable why you’re going to take this approach for next build. I wish I can build things with precision, but given what has happened to me this year it’s probably harder for me to do so now… Oh well just need to take a lot more time and patience with a magnifying glass to do it I suppose ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    • Ah yes, gonna revert back to that. Actually I based this panel lining off yaya’s painting tutorial. He used the gundam black marker for panel lining and so i thought i give it a shot for this one. Didn’t turn out as good as i envision.

      You are absolutely right, especially with handpainting there are some spots where there are too much paint and its difficult to panel line. But heh, painting or not, casual or hardcore, we all still love gunpla right haha!

  4. whoohhoo!! nicely painted! gotta try handpainting soon! maybe for HGUC Sinanju (or if lazy maybe go for crazy masking haha)

    *scrolls down*

    EH WUTH *falls* %^&%&^$%^$#%^$^&$%^#$%#%#$% HOW TH YOU CAN EASILY GET SUCH EXCLUSIVE ONE?????

    *punchs wall*

    FFFF YOU MAX F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

    (btw nice Remilia there)

    • Otacute is your best friend for hard to get nendos buahhaha!!!

      The master is in da house!!! Wonder what it will bode for the rest of the gang in the toy room hehe!!!

  5. wow it turned out how I imagined. haha though yeah the panel lining needs some more work but the finished product now is more satisfactory than before.

    and these nendos are really pushing me to buy one.. just one..just one…. or else I’ll have an army before I knew it

    • Haha yep, gonna revert back to my old way of doing the panel lining. But I am more than happy that I managed to finished painting this time round ๐Ÿ˜›

      Hehe trust me man…don’t start on one. Just stick to gunpla ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Ah yes its the same brush for the trim!! But for the word on the bottom i used a very small brush and lightly stroke. More like very small dry brushing ๐Ÿ˜›

      Hehe she is a very very cute devil to behold!! Man….feel like making stories again..but lazy bone strikes…orz…

  6. So that’s the brush you used. I guess the one I have right now should do the trick then (just need some actual paint). =D
    Nice outcome! I personally find the panel lines to be alright and the paint really came out well. I can see that a bit of gold is smudged out a bit but nothing easily noticeable.
    *thumbs up*

    OMG! Another nendo! O.O How much did ya get her for?

    • Heh thanks for the encouragement man. I did review some of the hobby magazines and infact for the gold parts they use brown enamel for the panel lining instead of black.

      Haha actually she cost me about $70 plus…thank goodness for the strong singapore dollar ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. yay! you got remillia tooo!! touhou poisons. XD

    its turning up real good now.. love the gold and navy blue. looks more like golo compared to the gundam gold marker.. will grab my gaia notes star bright gold and a bottle of leveling thinner soon.. heh. my hands are sooooo itchy!!! yeah. im thinking of how to tackle the sinanju’s gold trim too…. hmmm

    oh! for the paneling, i find tt the normal gundam paneling marker still too thick.. i would recommend Copic markers to you.. (ASM recommended it to me ^^) get those 0.02 ones… its really really fine. you can see it on most of my HG gundams.. on those areas without a proper groove for lining, i’ll use the marker. the actual hobby marker you can find it on or a good replacement sold locally is oso under Copic brand, at Artfriend Taka.. good luck! =D

    • Haha yep touhou is poisonous!!

      Ah yes, gaia gold definitely tops the gundam gold marker here ^^ I know that itchy feeling man haha.. been getting it since I got Sinanju buahahah…..wanna finish this quick and start on him!!

      Thanks for the recommendation on the Copic markers! Will go down to get some later ^^. The normal oil based gundam markers just can’t work here as you can see from the picture. Probably I think enamel washes still the best since I am using lacquer, it should work fine.

      Now to relief that itch…

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