Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 Screening at Bugis

Hi guys, sorry for the long hiatus from blogging…still trying to recover from wisdom tooth surgery and basically the only thing I could do is just sleep away the pain. But come last Saturday, heck, I popped 2 painkillers and headed down Bugis for that awesome screening. A big shoutout to Leon from Open The Toy for inviting me and other fellow bloggers to cover this event at Bugis!

Thoughts about the movie

First up I must say the first half of unicorn episode 2 is pretty epic. Seeing on screen back home and in the cinema is a whole world of difference! To see Char on the big screen pawning everything with just a beam rifle and a Sinanju kick was a feast for the eyes. Having watch the Gundam 00 movie a couple of weeks back, I must say the crowd is a wee bit quieter for unicorn. Other than that I must say, ShengTai and Bandai did a very good job of organizing this event. Not only was it at a much accessible location, also it was much easier to get the ticket! And the biggest surprise was the lucky draw at the end (2 of the bloggers that I know won some really cool prizes!),Thank you Bandai sponsoring such a generous lucky draw! Congrats to the guy who walked away with that metalic coated MG Sinanju!!! How I wished the Gundam 00 movie had something like that, makes the moment much more enjoyable!

Still I have no idea what is Laplace box……looking to part 3 next year!!

Displays & Discounts!!!

Another highlight of the screening was the debut of the PG Strike Freedom and MG Quanta inside BHG! Now personally I don’t collect PGs but seeing one in full regal display is nothing short of a sight to behold.

This kit will look so right on a nice big cabinet with led lights shinning from the back!!

Damn it….I want that Quanta and Gouf nao!!!!

And more Gouf epicness. The Gouf custom is one of my favorite designs from the UC Era second to the Kampher ^^

And another kit that is a must get…the RG Zaku…

Char’s Zaku 3 times better when looked up close!!!

And if you find the RG just a tad too small…..there is a 1/48 (Edited thanks to Quentin!!) Zaku buahahah!!!

A collection of released HGs and MGs from the Unicorn series…that metallic Sinanju is sure a looker…

Best thing of all, BHG had a 30% discount of all their regular priced items….time to open the wallet haha(sounds like a certain blog name haha..)

Back to the Toy Room…

Also every viewer gets to walk away with a very nice booklet with detailed info and line art of the Unicorn Episode 2 Movie.

Gwad, I just love browsing through the fight scene artwork…

Oh not forgetting that one loot hehe…

A big thanks to Sheng Tai, Bandai and BHG for outdoing themselves for this event! I am looking forward to cover the next one from them!

Till the next post!


50 thoughts on “Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 Screening at Bugis

    • Haha actually more cheering on the 1st day until the ending πŸ˜› Then it was all complaining about the giant flower lol!!

    • Haha great to see you there man. Paisei that they still mabok on medication so could hardly talk. Hopefully next time round I can take photos of your macross stuff!!

  1. ahhh i wanna watch ep 2 and see Sinanju in action XD and thats one powerful loot. i recently saw a video of RG construction…. my jaw dropped then i couldnt stop smiling lol didnt know the kit was that detailed.

    hope your recovery goes 3x faster than normal, oral surgery sucks.

    • Hehe I think there are sources where you can see them already. πŸ˜› Think BD has a few of em ^^ I wished i can open my jaws though lol…..better not see that vid!

      Hopefully this is the last time i am visiting the dentist…been brushing furiously ever since this happened!

  2. I’m kinda tempted to say that “if you find the RG too small then you can go for the 1/48 Mega Size Zaku II” XD

    Gouf Custom definitely looks very nice. I have an NG one too which I have spray painted it dark green for some reasons. Will very likely get his one too though! And haha KΓ€mpfer is also one of my favourite Zeon MS too – which I got an HGUC one sprayed painted white + pearl white! πŸ˜€

  3. oooooh can hardly wait to see that Sinanju in action. haha I will download that episode 2 soon to catch up with the talk… haha.. looking at the displays, me thinks that Delta Plus also deserves a MG treatment as it may if not will look very badass if it happens.. πŸ˜€

    and oh hope you recover soon buddy. πŸ˜€

    • Heh bro thanks for the well wishes. Feeling much better today after removing the stitches. Haha hope to hear your thoughts on episode 2!!

      I think its sooner or later for Delta plus since we have MG rezel commander on the way!

          • Just finished watching ep:2 and it was EPIC reminded me on how Char fought Amuro on the original series though this time all the advance technology is now on their suits (Psychoframe, I Field) while Full Frontal didn’t showed the full potential of the Sinanju I still think it was great.. also helped me understand the capabilities of the Unicorn, though I still can’t understand what is that Laplace box.. maybe its a box of pornographic fetishes of every Federation officer??? :)) kidding aside, can’t wait for the next episode as the Delta Plus will be used finally (i hope). hahaha πŸ˜€

            • Lol you sound like DJ here man haha. Got to love the fight between unicorn and Sinanju! But still I prefer Kshatriya’s debut fight. (Manly stark jegan fight!) Got to wait till Bahager levels up or something to be on par with Sinanju haha.

              Your version of a laplace box seems plausible lol!!! Hold the feddies by their balls!

  4. Woah! The discount there is irresistable!!
    Even though I didn’t make it down that day, i managed to catch the movie on the net. No booklet, no good audio, no DISCOUNTS, but not too bad… ^^;

    • I was very happy to hear of the discount at the end of the show!! 30% is a lot man….

      Haha you are lucky to see it online man. But seriously definitely if you have the chance come down here and see on the big screen. Its a helluva an experience!

  5. Alamak…Didn’t see you there because my friend keep on asking me to leave(probably shouldn’t ask him to come with me).Btw the Gouf custom and RG Char Zaku looks awesome..definitely a must to get!

  6. Probably we might see more poses as it gets closer to the launch date. But so far seeing the frame up close this kit definitely can do the anime poses. Even the backpack this time round is very stable. I don’t see signs of sagging for the display!

    I don’t think there is an anti buy gundam drink haha πŸ˜› Just give in to your wallet’s desire !!

  7. Get well soon chubbs!
    Toothache is really annoying, almost cannot do anything just to endure the pain.

    So what did you grab from the event?

    • Haha thanks bro! Yep toothache is sick…hurts so much that i dare not hand paint lest i screw it up lol…

      Ah my loot is in the last picture of this post hehe!!

  8. Darnit Chubbs, if you were back in action you should’ve rang me up!
    Then again, I disappeared myself for a good three months, so it’s hardly your fault >.>

    The crowd at the screening was quieter? Blasphemous! I would’ve been cheering at the top of my lungs! They would’ve had to drag me out of the screening kicking and screaming!
    And if they let me stay until that scene where Marida punches the Gundam out, they would’ve needed to shuffle one fainted fan onto stage.

    Urgh, I thought I’d discarded the whole plamo business a long time ago, but your blog is whetting my appetite again…
    I suggest using a red toothbrush to hasten your recovery.

    • Heh man! Where have you been! Great to see you back!

      Yep its quite quiet actually during the screening lol. Didn’t sense that much level of enthusiasm as much as the Gundam 00 movie. Haha that was quite a scene when Marida did that!!

      Oh my, all I can say is welcome back to the plamo world man! But whats a red toothbrush? First time hearing this.

  9. I don’t have a chance to see the movie nor the 00 movie in person, but I do watched the english dub of Gundam Unicorn since it’s the only way I can watch it online. Overall, the voiceover is pretty darn good, although they sadly couldn’t get the voice actor of 0079 and CCA’s Char Aznable (since he has a total of three different voice actors, one for the US version of the TV show and the Char’s Counterattack dub, another for the compilation movies and the third for Zeta Gundam) and boy, Haro couldn’t get any simpler phrases ever since his orange Anno Domini counterpart does.
    But at least, the episode is still epic.

    • You are right about the epic part!! Hopefully after the release of the Gundam00 dvd we can get uploads soon!! Personally I am waiting for the prices to come down a bit or maybe those taiwanese versions. Will definitely help my wallet a fair bit!!

      • I can’t, I live way out there where piracy was a crime and stuff, I can only get the Blu-ray versions which is (obviously) expensive, or I could download it online and watch it on my computer. It’s kinda sad that the 00 Movie can’t be dubbed in English.

        • Ya man, the blu ray is way too expensive. Luckily I managed to get the screening passes. I’ll probably wait for prices to come down but that will like take a few more months after the release. Keeping my fingers cross for just the DVD version of the movie..blu ray is bloody expensive!!

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